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Wireless Video Receiver Enhances Borescopes
Extech has released the BRD10 Wireless USB video receiver, which enables Extech borescopes to behave like wireless webcams. Using the BRD10, real-time inspection video can be streamed over the web with major web-based services like Skype, WebEx, and UStream. The receiver makes it easy to integrate borescope video in inspections and training at: manufacturers with multiple sites, virtual technical training, continuing education programs, HVACR applications, electrical, automotive, energy auditing, virtual/online universities, and more.
—Extech Instruments
Circle 221

Expanded Range for UltraTech Compressor
The next generation of the Copeland Scroll UltraTech compressor offers improved performance, reliability, and sound performance. The new 3-phase UltraTech compressor also offers enhanced system efficiency, comfort, and reliability for commercial applications, while helping achieve Energy Star requirements. The addition of the CoreSense Diagnostics module can also provide active protection in single phase UltraTech compressor models. CoreSense Diagnostics for Copeland Scroll compressors assists contractors in troubleshooting residential air conditioning systems. By using the compressor as a sensor, CoreSense Diagnostics gives technicians insight into the system through the compressor, providing valuable information for quick and accurate diagnosis. Located conveniently in the control panel, Emerson’s CoreSense Diagnostics module strengthens the Copeland Scroll UltraTech compressor by unlocking advanced capabilities for diagnostics. Advanced algorithms and capabilities allow technicians to diagnose the past and present state of the system, for fast and accurate troubleshooting and less downtime.
— Emerson Climate Technologies
Circle 222

New Defrost Control Saves Energy
Century Refrigeration has introduced the Centinel intelligent defrost control as an option with each of its system arrangements. The Centinel is an electronically-operated evaporator controller, designed to save energy throughout the refrigeration cycle, and help protect equipment, and the system owner’s products. The system consists of a micro-processor driven controller and up to four separate temperature sensors.
— Century Refrigeration
Circle 223

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