Digital Overload: Remaining Sane While Tiptoeing Through the Digital Universe

I'm in the communications business. No surprise there; but in addition to this magazine, I wear many other hats, each which requires a seemingly increasing demand on my time. And most of that time seems linked to the digital world.

At the core of my duties, I create, share, manage, exchange or distribute information. And as I participate in these activities, the increasing flow of information seems overwhelming at times. Like you, I want to be knowledgeable about the industries and areas for which I'm responsible. I also want to be extremely well-informed so that I can honestly wear the hat of an expert.

Now, the burgeoning presence of social media and the array of choices are staggering. As I prepared for a presentation about social media at the International Book Publishers Association, I uncovered a terrific site (www.traffikd.com/social-media-websites/). It lists social media websites by category. The last time I checked, there were hundreds of sites.

The flow of information is inordinately helpful at times. But the speed and endless supply of information leave me feeling emotionally and intellectually exhausted at times. More importantly, managing all this information seems to actually distract me from doing a better job or earning more money.

A dilemma indeed. So I cast my usual net to experts and asked what tips they had to offer. I had many interesting, often similar tips. I'll share a few here, and you can read the rest by visiting our website.

Let me start by offering one suggestion I didn't get. If you don't set aside at least one-half of a day for something we'll call Technology Day, you will never implement many of these tips for handling the information flood. Some require a behavior change, which is a matter of sitting down, thinking about it and then committing to doing things differently. Those that require a change in your system also mean that you MUST make a list of tips you want to implement, have someone with the requisite knowledge nearby (if you need them) and stop everything else until you make the changes needed. You also might want to visit the Information Overload Research Group at http://iorgforum.org/ for ongoing tips.

To read more tips, visit www.hvacrdistributionbusiness.com and click on the editor's column.

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