Is that another shoe dropping on the HVAC contracting industry Image from

Is another shoe dropping on the HVAC industry? Graphic from [email protected] (

Finding the Best HVAC Employees: Is that the Ball Dropping or Another Shoe?

Nine ideas to help you assure you have the very best employees in you residential HVAC company: Always be in hiring mode Continuously run a hiring advertisement Offer enticing "finder's fees" Conduct a training/hiring seminar every six months Hire people with college degrees Hire people with the right attitude and smarts, not technical expertise Create an "on-deck" circle Train, train, train Be a desired place of employment

From working with contractors this past year, I am labelling 2013 the year human resource issues finally slammed everyone in the head. Problems with employees is the top issue driving owners insane. This isn’t a new problem, but one that never seems to permanently get fixed.

We’re an industry that often looks for the quick fix. We want potential employees to walk through the door with winning attitudes, impeccable technical skills, extensive HVAC or plumbing backgrounds, grammar

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