Are You a ‘Group of People’ or a ‘Team?’

A high-performing HVAC workplace always means teamwork; not group work. So how do you know the difference between the two? Employee needs, customer needs, and the economy dictate the need for a team.

Traits of a Winning Team

A “team” has:

• a unified goal

• respect for one another

• upfront attitudes about seeking truth

• unified effort.

People on a team need to see the big picture and understand how they fit into it and work together. However, don’t mistake that mutual respect for “liking” each other; engaging in productive arguing is another important activity.

The company must also care about its employees, share information, and listen. Collaboration is a common theme in a team.

The High Performance Team

It’s about going above and beyond respect, functional arguing, and unifying goals. Hallmarks of a high-performing team are:

• understanding the strengths and weaknesses of all employees (focusing on strengths)

positive reinforcement for contributions and accomplishments

• management sharing more information than required

• focus on criticism of behavior instead of personality

• reinforcing what makes the team unique.

Most importantly: does your vision match that of the employees? Do the employees feel as though they work on a team?

Align that vision for a highly sought-out work experience.

Mike Moore is the HVAC Training Director at HVAC Learning Solutions, an HVAC industry expert in sales, technical, and business training. Visit Mike’s blog for more insights. Mike can be reached on Twitter @hvaclearning or on Google+ at

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