Commercial Refrigeration Equipment and Residential Hybrid Heating Systems

Jan. 1, 2010
Commercial Focus: Refrigeration Equipment Emerson Emerson Climate Technologies has introduces its new Copeland Scroll outdoor condensing unit for medium-

Commercial Focus: Refrigeration Equipment


Emerson Climate Technologies has introduces its new Copeland Scroll® outdoor condensing unit for medium- and low-temperature refrigeration applications. With a Copeland Scroll compressor, variable speed PSC fan motor, and advanced Copeland PerformanceAlert™ diagnostics, this integrated solution offers energy savings greater than 20%, as well as enhanced system diagnostic capabilities, company sources say.

The Copeland Scroll outdoor condensing unit's slim profile, wall mount capability, and noise reduction features allow contractors to offer flexible installation options previously not available.

In addition, its lighter weight, ease of maneuverability, and vertical orientation make it easier for contractors to install and service, sources note.\copeland outdoorunit
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Bohn, a brand of Heatcraft Refrigeration Products, introduces a new line of CO2 unit coolers, available in various configurations to meet the specific needs of supermarkets. The product line was recently featured at the Food Marketing Institute's (FMI) 2009 Energy and Technical Services Conference in Indian Wells, California.

Heatcraft Refrigeration's new line of CO2 unit coolers includes 62 models, in low profile, medium profile, center mount and low velocity product families — all with selected features that are tailored specifically to the needs voiced by the supermarket industry.
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Ice-O-Matic® manufactures, distributes, and supplies a wide range of ice-related products, including cubers, flakers, and filters to some of the largest convenience stores, quick service restaurants, and coffee shops. For more than 50 years, Ice-O-Matic has been dedicated to providing simple, reliable machines at the best value, sources say.
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Promax has launched the RG6000 next-generation refrigerant recovery machine, engineered to deliver the fastest overall ARI-740 certified refrigerant recovery rates in most conditions within a small portable unit, sources say.

In accordance with the new standards, the PROMAX RG6000 provides a liquid recovery rate of 7.78 lb/min. for R-22 and 6.04 lb/min. for R-410A, and delivers vapor recovery performance at a rate of 0.55 lb/min. for R-22 and 0.35 lb/min. for R-410A. The unit has been tested and verified to recover vapor at 104F, with what sources say is an unprecedented recovery rate of 0.46 lb/min.
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Remtec International

Remtec's “No Hassle” program is designed around the specific needs of the wholesale refrigerant industry to provide wholesalers with a profitable way to dispose of used refrigerants.

Remtec offers the following services:

  • pickup within 24 hours from anywhere in the country
  • top dollar for 99.5%
  • credit for R-22 as low as 90% purity
  • free disposal of mixed and unusable refrigerants
  • easy cylinder exchange program
  • Remtec takes care of the freight
  • complete paper trail for EPA record keeping.
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Ritchie Engineering

Ritchie Engineering Company announced that the first in its new line of Yellow Jacket RecoverX refrigerant recovery machines has begun shipping to U.S. wholesalers.

Designed and manufactured in the U.S., the RecoverXLT provides fast recovery of Class II, III, IV and V refrigerants including R-410A. It features a patented single valve control for easy changeover from liquid to vapor to purge.
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Scotsman Ice Systems has added the new Prodigy® Nugget to its Prodigy® family of ice machines. The new model unites two of the company's most popular products: Nugget Ice, The Original Chewable Ice™, and the advanced Prodigy® line.

According to company sources, Prodigy® products provide up-to-the-minute reporting on the machine's performance, as well as maintenance needs. The machines visually indicate when they're in the ice production mode, and signal when routine maintenance is required.
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Worthington Cylinders

Worthington Cylinders offers refrigerant recovery cylinders in sizes ranging from 30-1000 lbs. with working pressures of 260-400PSI. The most recent addition is a 200 lb. recovery cylinder with a 400PSI service pressure.

Each of Worthington's refrigerant recovery cylinders meets AHRI guidelines and government specifications for CFC, HCFC, and HFC-recovered refrigerants. Additionally, Worthington's refrigerant recovery cylinders meet DOT or TC specifications. An optional liquid-level switch is available.
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Residential Focus: Hybrid Heat


Goodman® brand dual fuel heating systems combine a high-efficiency Goodman heat pump and a high AFUE Goodman gas furnace to help homeowners battle rising fuel costs, without compromising interior comfort, sources say.

The Goodman dual fuel system seamlessly alternates between two energy sources. As outdoor temperatures change, the Goodman dual fuel system selects the most economical fuel source to heat the home — either the heat pump or the gas furnace.

When the season turns warmer, the Goodman heat pump delivers cool air, functioning like a high-efficient air conditioner.
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The Dave Lennox Signature® Collection XPG15 Dedicated Dual-Fuel heat pump is optimized for highly efficient dual-fuel performance.

In cooling season, the XPG15 functions like an air conditioner, pulling heat from the air inside and pumping it outside.

During the coldest winter months, the XPG15 works with any Lennox high-efficiency gas furnace to provide money-saving comfort. When the weather gets too cold for the heat pump to operate efficiently, the furnace automatically takes over to provide needed warmth.
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Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating Solutions introduces its split-ductless M-series Star lineup. The Star lineup features updated indoor and outdoor units designed for maximum energy efficiency, including systems that are Energy Star® rated to help homeowners earn tax credits.

Several of the M-Series models are eligible for residential tax credits, as stipulated in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
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The Rheem Prestige Series 16-SEER two-stage premium heat pump is equipped with the Comfort Control2 System. It offers efficient heating and cooling paired with state-of-the-art diagnostics and serial communications capabilities. While heat pumps are typically matched with air handlers, a growing number of installations pair it with a gas furnace, such as the Energy Star® rated Rheem 95% furnace. This dual fuel application combines the advantages of the electric heat pump and gas furnace to deliver the highest level of comfort at the lowest price.
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