IEC Launches New Website

International Environmental Corporation, the largest fan coil manufacturer in the U.S., has debuted a new website with improved functionality
International Environmental Corporation announces the launch of their new Web site. The website address —— is the same, but the site is completely redesigned with improved functionality and customer service.
New to the site is the online “Aftermarket Parts” section featuring the most common replacement parts searchable by model number, order number or serial number. This makes searching for and ordering replacement parts easier and more efficient.
The new website contains readily accessible technical information about each product with an easy-to-use search function. The Rep Locator enables potential customers to find their local rep quickly and to be able to contact them immediately.
Another improvement is ordering literature using a shopping cart format. IEC Representatives can see a picture of what the literature looks like before they order it. The site saves their previous ship to addresses making ordering literature easier than ever.
The new website is tied with the release of the redesigned literature line. To replicate the use of water in the fan coils, a grey wave appears at the top of every page. Using water to transfer energy is extremely energy efficient and it is a time-tested, reliable system.
Working with over 75 HVAC representative companies around the world, IEC now provides more complete technical information, and improved customer support on-line.
The new website is part of an initiative to offer better tools and better customer service. The improved functionalities and modern appearance make it even easier for building owners to do what IEC’s tag line encourages: “Build Your Reputation on Ours.”

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