Tour & Andersson Offers Hydronic College

Tour & Andersson (TA) has announced the TA Hydronic College spring 2011 schedule of for its seminar, "The Three Hydronic Conditions."

The 2011 schedule will bring the seminar into a number of new cities, expanding the opportunities for engineers to be exposed to the TA approach.

Designed specifically for HVAC consulting engineers, designers and installing contractors, the seminar provides a variety of practical and theoretical examples to highlight issues faced when designing, commissioning and maintaining hydronic variable flow systems.

Seminar topics include the sources of imbalance and balancing methods, control loops and control valve authority; variable speed pumps and valve authority; control valve sizing; and differential pressure control.

The seminar is the first in a series available from the TA Hydronic College, which has been delivering accredited training to European HVAC audiences for more than 10 years.

Two events were held in February 2011. Remaining dates and cities are:

  • Denver, March 29
  • Philadelphia, April 5
  • San Francisco, April 14.

TA reports that in 2010, the Hydronic College's first year in North America, more than 1,000 engineers attended the "Three Keys" seminar program. "We were very pleased with our results in 2010, and are excited about expanding the schedule for 2011 into some new cities. We are especially pleased at the number of requests for in-house training for engineering companies that came out of the 2010 series," says Bhumika Lathia, North American marketing manager.

The company will also deliver the seminar and customized presentations on a local level to qualified engineering firms with sufficient attendance.

Tour & Andersson belongs to the International Engineering Group, and has more than 13,000 employees.

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