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Fujitsu Heat Pump Allows for 2 to 5 Indoor Units

Fujitsu Heat Pump Allows for 2 to 5 Indoor Units

The latest multi-zone split system from Fujitsu is the high-efficiency, 5-zone heat pump, the AOU45RLXFZ.

The heat pump system permits connection of between 2 and 5 indoor units to one outdoor condensing unit.  This system offers high efficiency operation of up to 19.7 SEER and 10.3 HSPF. Users can choose to control each indoor unit individually or to use the optional central remote control.

Contractors can select a combination of wall mounted, slim duct, compact cassette or floor mount type indoor units in a variety of BTU/h sizes. Mix-and-match flexibility of evaporator type and capacity offers a choice between an indoor unit that best fits the application – whether hidden, or showcased. Systems are ideal for nursing homes, doctor's offices, condominiums, apartments and residences - any place where individual cooling or heating is needed.

Installers will appreciate the time saving, single-port evacuation, improving installation time. Also, no branch boxes or separation tube assemblies are required.

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