ComfortNet™ Launches Communicating Control System

The ComfortNet™ communicating control system, recently launched by Goodman Global, Inc., is making complex, time-consuming system wiring frequently associated with high-efficiency residential HVACR systems obsolete. This control system supports various Goodman® and Amana® brand HVACR products.

With a ComfortNet communication control system, an HVACR technician will use four or fewer control wires to connect a gas furnace or air handler to the control system. Further, a transformer is included with the control kit which can be installed in the condensing unit – reducing wiring requirements to just two wires.

“ComfortNet’s design currently leads the logical evolution of residential HVACR systems,” says Jim Fisher, product manager for ComfortNet and Gas Furnaces. “It is the type of technology that can advance the HVACR industry’s approach to indoor climate control.”

With its auto-configuration capability, once the low voltage wires and the ComfortNet control are installed, a search for the indoor and outdoor components of the systems begins. By means of shared data programming, the control system will automatically set-up the airflow and all operating characteristics based on the capacity of the indoor and outdoor system components. No dip switch or thermostat modifications are required by installers in most applications.

The ComfortNet control system actively monitors and analyzes the entire HVACR system for any irregular conditions. If detected, the control will take appropriate action and display the results in the diagnostic menu on the ComfortNet control unit. The 12-square inch touch screen display – the industry’s largest – and oversized touch keys simplify programming, explains Fisher. An intuitive menu, with audio prompts and color-coded temperature touch keys, allow for quick adjustment.“The touch screen display is clean and uncluttered, designed for easier navigation,” he says.

Other ComfortNet features include dedicated programmable or non-programmable modes, a selectable energy management recovery program and battery backup. The communication system is dual-fuel compatible out of the box, as the outdoor unit includes the balance point temperature sensor.
“ComfortNet takes Goodman and Amana brand HVACR systems to the next level, simplifying installation and programming while helping dealers provide better, more responsive service to their customers,” says Fisher.

For more information, visit www.comfortnet1.com.

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