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NORDYNE Launches iQ Zone™ Zoning System

After nearly two years of research and development, NORDYNE is pleased to announce the launch of iQ Zone™, the first zoning system to work seamlessly with the company’s 24.5 SEER iQ Drive® air conditioners and 22 SEER iQ Drive® heat pumps.

To develop iQ Zone, NORDYNE partnered with Airzone, a leading manufacturer of innovative zoning systems. Airzone incorporated their ultra-communicating technology with the patent-pending iQ Drive controller for simple installation and operation. iQ Zone will control up to 8 zones and 32 dampers in the home.

Simple and ultra-communicating.
Traditional zoning systems interpret On/Off status from up to eight wired thermostats and send power through two wires to each individual damper. iQ Zone works differently in that it is a network of microcontroller-based devices that communicate with each other, similar to a computer network. This provides unsurpassed data processing and, ultimately, home comfort.

“We’re really pleased with how iQ Zone is performing in the field,” says Rob Hawk, iQ Zone brand manager. “The daisy chain wiring makes installation extremely easy, and a single control board reduces components that contractors need.”

Hawk adds that iQ Zone uses a sophisticated error management system. “This system pinpoints where the error is in the whole installation, greatly reducing the time needed during a service call.”

12 percent efficiency gain.
In addition to the comfort created by having individualized zones in the home, iQ Zone has another outstanding consumer benefit – extra efficiency. At up to 24.5 SEER, iQ Drive systems are already the most efficient split systems available. Adding iQ Zone to the system increases efficiency up to another 12 percent.

To learn more about iQ Zone and iQ Drive systems, dealers should talk to their distributors or visit

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