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A. O. Smith Comfort Select Delivers Comfort for Home, Comfort for Environment

A. O. Smith Comfort Select Delivers Comfort for Home, Comfort for Environment

A. O. Smith Electrical Products Company brings an abundance of innovation to its Comfort Select ~ FB™ line of high-efficiency air-moving motors.

Comfort Select ~FB motors offer ultra quiet operation, premium air quality, and Green Choice® technology resulting in comfort for the home and comfort for the environment. Homeowners may choose to make their homes more energy efficient by replacing the motor in their home’s heating and cooling system with an A. O. Smith Comfort Select ~ FB motor.

Comfort Select ~ FB are high efficient furnace blower motors utilizing ECM technology in residential heating and cooling applications. These brushless DC motors are controlled by integrated electronics providing advanced motor protection with the same performance characteristics as (permanent split capacitor) PSC motors. Now available, these four new motors replace PSC motors in the convenience of a drop-in replacement.

Comfort Select ~ FB motors feature a rotation detection technology that automatically matches to the HVAC system’s fan rotation. With multiple speed and horsepower profiles, it is a well-suited retrofit solution for most HVAC applications.

The Comfort Select ~ FB series includes two ½ horsepower and two 1 horsepower motors that run at 1100 RPM. CSL1056 and CSL1106 are 115 volts while CS1056 and CS1106 are 208-277 volts.

Some other important benefits of the Comfort Select ~ FB motors include:

  • Energy savings with peak efficiency reaching 82 percent;
  • Ultra quiet operation with five speeds and auto rotation feature;
  • Rated for operation in 50-degree C ambient in a continuous air-over environment;
  • No complex wiring modifications or signal wires;
  • Overall comfort and soothing air quality for homes.

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