TSI Announces New FHC50 Fume Hood Controller

TSI Incorporated announces its new FHC50 Fume Hood Controller which provides flexibility, safety and energy savings. Input measurement options include sash sensors, side-wall velocity sensors and flows from venturi valves, pressure- or thermal-based flow stations. The FHC50 can control valves or dampers with a fast-acting actuator for containment during sash movements.

Versions of the FHC50 seamlessly integrate to Building Management Systems via BACnet®, LonWorks®, or Modbus™ to document alarms and trend data. Visual and audible alarms provide a local indication of unsafe conditions. Additional inputs and outputs make it easy to configure options like remote alarms and unoccupied modes. The FHC50 now allows engineers the flexibility to design laboratories the way they should be designed.

For more information on critical environments instruments from TSI, visit www.tsi.com/lab.

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