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Readership Studies

Each year, selected issues of Contracting Business are studied for advertising and editorial effectiveness. Results are based on a random sample of Contracting Business subscribers. Readership Studies are FREE when you purchase a 1/2 page ad or larger in the studied issues.

A Study of HVAC Contractors

To objectively and accurately measure readership, editorial interest and usefulness, Contracting Business hired Decision Analyst, one of the nation's premier independent marketing research firms and a leading research firm within the HVAC industry, to survey HVACR contractors nationwide. We wanted to identify what magazines contractors read, what magazines are preferred, what magazines are perceived as the best sources of new product information, and how contractors view the magazines they read.

The results were astounding! Contracting Business came out far ahead of its competitors as the #1 trade publication in the HVACR industry.

Click here for a summary or click here to download a Powerpoint Presentation with audio (6.4mb - fast internet connection recommended).

The Homeowner Report Card on the HVAC Industry

What Consumers Want from their Comfort Systems

Equipment manufacturers, distributors and contractors have a real opportunity to change the behavior of consumers who are in the process of purchasing and/or upgrading their comfort systems. Understanding what consumers want is the first step.

Order The Homeowner Report Card in print or on CD-ROM and you'll get an in-depth analysis of consumer needs that are key to increasing customer satisfaction and therefore, your business.

This exclusive market report by Contracting Business Magazine reveals answers to questions like these:

* How satisfied are homeowners with their heating and air conditioning systems?

* What characteristics of their home's comfort systems need improvement?

* How much would homeowners be willing to pay to get these problems corrected?

* What factors are most important in selecting a heating or air conditioning contractor?

Click here to download a .pdf of the order form.