Bosch Home Comfort Reveals New Water Source Heat Pumps

WATERTOWN, MASS., (April 22, 2024) – Bosch Home Comfort sources report today the brand is continuing its commitment to high-quality green living with the addition of its latest HVAC solutions: Bosch CL and RL Series Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHP). The new CL and RL Series heat pumps feature a low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant in accordance with the forthcoming AIM Act, which will go in effect in January 2025.

“We have always had a mindset of solving tomorrow’s challenges today with innovation and comfort at the forefront,” said Ian McIver, product manager at Bosch Home Comfort. “What we have solved for with our Bosch CL and RL Series heat pumps is a need for an HVAC unit design where high-quality and efficiency meet accessibility. Not only will these products make the jobs of techs and installers more seamless, but they will also offer them a deeper product portfolio to meet their customers’ needs and wants.”

Driven by industry-leading heat pump technology, the release of Bosch Home Comfort’s CL and RL Series WSHP reinforces the company’s reputation as a leading manufacturer of highly efficient, electric solution heat pumps across residential and commercial markets.

Adaptability Joins Serviceability

The single-stage unit Bosch CL Series was designed to fit most commercial replacement projects given its compact cabinet design and its quiet operations to eliminate unwanted noise. The CL Series has a swinging electrical box, a slide out blower on the vertical units, and designated compartments for high and low voltage components.

Together, these features not only improve safety conditions for technicians and installers, but also streamline routine services and repairs by offering greater accessibility to the unit’s compressor, air coils and other internal components. 

The CL Series is available in vertical or horizontal units with sizes ranging from ½ to 6 tons.

RL Series a One-Stop-Shop for Retrofits, New Construction

The Bosch RL Series builds off the company’s legacy of unrivaled HVAC technologies in a smaller design that’s easier to service and ideal for any home HVAC upgrade or new construction project. Similar to the commercial model, the Bosch RL Series is equipped with a swinging and divided electrical box for faster and safer maintenance, as well as a slide out blower on the vertical units. Additionally, each RL Series is made with Permanent Split Capacitor Motors (PSC), which use the latest stator technology at a lower cost and a Unit Protection Module (UPM) that interfaces directly with homeowners’ thermostats to provide time delays and protect the unit against freezing of the water coil and evaporated coil.

The Bosch RL Series is available in vertical and horizontal sizes and has a one-year parts limited warranty and a five-year compressor limited warranty.

CL/RL additional features for residential or commercial applications:

  • Meets or exceeds ASHRAE’s 90.1 efficiency standard
  • Low GWP compliant with R454B refrigerant
  • Quiet operation
  • Water coil and air coil freeze protection
  • Brownout protection
  • Copper or Cupro-nickel water coil
  • Standard filter drier
  • Connection between refrigerant gauges and temperature probes

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