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    Refrigeration: Chilling Out!

    July 14, 2008
    Arkema’s Forane® 427A is a new addition to the Forane line of refrigerants. Forane 427A is a new alternative for end users seeking a non-ozone depleting substitute for existing HCFC 22 applications.

    Arkema’s Forane® 427A is a new addition to the Forane line of refrigerants. Forane 427A is a new alternative for end users seeking a non-ozone depleting substitute for existing HCFC 22 applications. In addition to having comparable performance to HCFC 22, Forane 427A is one of the lowest global warming potential (GWP) HCFC 22 retrofits available on the market today, according to company spokesperson.

    Forane 427A has been one of the leading HCFC 22 retrofit solutions in Europe for several years because of its ease of use in converting existing HCFC 22 systems and its proven performance. There’s no need to change the existing expansion devices in most systems. Forane 427A has good capacity and efficiency in both medium and low temperature applications, and a high tolerance to existing mineral and alkyl benzene oils, according to company spokespersons.

    In addition to its comparable properties to HCFC 22, Forane 427A is EPA SNAP approved for most refrigeration and air conditioning applications. Forane 427A is a non-toxic, nonflammable, zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) refrigerant containing only HFC components. It does not contain hydrocarbons.

    Visit www.Forane427a.com for additional information.

    Emerson Climate Technologies, a business of Emerson, has expanded its energy efficient hermetic refrigeration compressor offering. More than 300 models are now available for applications including reach-in coolers, ice machines, soft serve machines, frozen carbonated beverage machines, and air dryers. According to company spokesperson, these new reciprocating compressors are engineered to be more energy efficient, providing total cost of ownership solutions to systems requiring a wide range of refrigeration applications. The versatility and breadth of the Copeland® brand hermetic compressor line allows system design engineers to gain optimum energy efficiency by matching the right compressor to the specific job at hand. This compressor line has been approved for the latest refrigerants in a variety of refrigeration applications.

    Visit www.EmersonClimate.com for additional information.

    Fieldpiece Instruments has released the SRL2K7 Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector kit. The SRL2 detector gives field technicians premium performance in an ergonomic, rugged design. The kit includes all the accessories needed to take accurate measurements for refrigerant leak detection, Fieldpiece sources say.

    An infrared sensor gives technicians superior sensitivity in the field: 0.1-ounces per year. It doesn’t trigger on oil and moisture like other types of refrigerant sensors. The infrared sensor is designed to last for many years without replacing. The SRL2 has the added protection of a replaceable water-blocking filter that keeps moisture and contaminants from reaching the sensor, preventing contaminant-related failure.

    Like all of the company’s instruments, the SRL2 allows field technicians to work the way they want to work. A rechargeable, 8-hour lithium-ion polymer battery powers the unit for a full day of testing. The instrument is self-calibrating and recalibrates quickly. The sturdy sensor arm is nonconductive and stays in place when positioned by the technician. Both a visual and audible alarm sound when a CFC, HFC or HCFC blend refrigerant leak is detected. Technicians have the option of muting the audible alarm.

    Visit www.fieldpiece.com for additional information.

    Heatcraft Refrigeration Products (HRP) offers an exclusive line of EC motors. Company spokespersons say the motors meet our high reliability standards and energy legislation without sacrificing airflow and capacity. The motors are available factory-installed on new low profile, medium profile, low velocity, and center mount evaporators, or by InterLink as an aftermarket part and drop-in replacements for existing motors.

    Heatcraft sources say the motors are up to 75% efficient - that’s a 51-59% increase over shaded pole motors and a 30-35% increase over permanentsplit capacitor (PSC) motors. Heatcraft sources say the added efficiency will help end users realize lower operational costs.

    Visit www.heatcraftrpd.com for additional information.

    Hoshizaki America, Inc. has introduced the KM Series Crescent Cuber Ice Machines with built-in storage. The KM-101BAH Crescent Cuber ice machine produces up to 115 lbs. of ice within 24 hours with a built-in storage bin holding 56 lbs. The KM-151BAH unit produces up to 146 lbs. of ice within 24 hours with a built-in storage bin holding 93 lbs. These self contained designs are available as air-cooled models and can easily fit under a counter. The KM units comply with all government guidelines, specifically the new California Energy Commission (CEC) requirement.

    The self contained units feature a stainless steel evaporator with no plating or chipping allowing for individual crescent cubes to be formed on both sides of the evaporator. The design allows for the freezing of the purest water and formation of crystal clear cubes. Front in and out airflow, slide-in door, and removable air filter allow for built-in installation. The EverCheck® Alert System sounds an audible warning when the machine is in need of service. The CycleSaver® Design allows the cuber to produce the same quantity of ice in about half the cycles of the other ice machines.

    Visit www.hoshizakiamerica.com for additional information.

    Hussmann Corporation recently introduced a new member to its Protocol family of refrigeration systems. Called the SP (Small Platform), the three-compressor refrigeration system is designed for foodservice applications, supermarket remodels and convenience stores.

    Like other Protocol units, the SP Protocol is more energy efficient than traditional condensing units for similar applications, says Hussman spokespersons. It has a reduced refrigerant charge and features 80% less leakage over parallel rack systems with similar capacities.

    The flexibility of the SP Protocol allows it to be mounted indoors on top of coolers or hung from the ceiling.

    The SP Protocol uses less copper refrigerant piping and fewer braze joints, is easy to service and maintain, and doesn’t need a machine room.

    Visit www.hussman.com for additional information.

    The skyrocketing cost of R-22 is driving the service industry to choose a long-term HFC replacement and, according to an ICOR spokesperson, NU-22B® is emerging as a safe and practical option. NU-22B closely matches R-22’s operating characteristics, is ASHRAE designated and safety classified A1. NU-22B is available through stocking wholesale distributors nationwide.

    Visit www.icorinternational.com for additional information.

    Johnson Controls
    The P499 electronic pressure transducer from Johnson Controls is an economical direct-mount pressure sensor that’s compatible with a wide selection of HVAC and refrigeration controls and systems. Compact and rugged, this pressure transducer produces an analog signal based on a sensed pressure.

    The digitally-compensated transducer is highly accurate over a broad temperature range, resisting the effects of wide ambient temperature swings, high humidity, condensation, and icing.

    The pressure port is machined from a solid piece of 17-4PH stainless steel, eliminating potential of refrigerant loss caused by O-ring or weld failures and resisting damage due to physical shock, vibration, or pressure pulsations. No O-rings, organic materials, or welds are exposed to the pressure media, allowing for a leak-proof, allmetal sealed pressure system, Johnson Controls sources say.

    The P499 transducer is available in several pressure ranges and output options. Pressure ranges up to 750 psig (52bar) cover the most common refrigeration and air-conditioning applications. Higher pressure ranges also available. Output options including 0.5 to 4.5 VDC ratiometric, 0 to 10 VDC and 4 to 20 mA.

    Visit www.johnsoncontrols.com for additional information.

    Metals manufacturing and technology company Luvata has further developed the use of carbon dioxide (CO2) as a refrigerant in its new solutions. According to company spokespersons, from an environmental point of view CO2 is a superior alternative to environmentallydamaging hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), as well as being non-flammable, nontoxic and less expensive. Luvata has explained that, as well as potentially offering zero ozone-depletion and less effect on global warming, the use of CO2 can also allow more efficient operation of the system than traditional refrigerants.

    The technology has been selected by The Coca-Cola® Company for use in environmentally-friendly vending machines for the 2008 Beijing Olympics as part of the global beverage company’s commitment to sustainability. The higher volumetric efficiency of CO2 refrigerant (known as R744) also means that the crosssectional area of pipes used in heat transfer equipment can be reduced.

    Visit www.luvata.com for additional information.

    Polar Technology’s Field Recovery Program offers prompt, customized on-site refrigerant recovery. Polar Technology has trailer-mounted equipment for conventional recovery needs and custom-built electric powered compressors for high pressure gas. Polar Technology’s fully compliant, trained, and EPT certified personnel can remove field refrigerant quickly and easily.

    Polar Technology will buy-back used material and provide long-orshort- term rental containers for onsite storage. Polar Technology has the largest supply of recovery cylinders in North America and can be dispatched to any job on a 24-hour notice. Each returned cylinder goes through Polar Technology’s 2000 Microns Vacuum Process (2KMVP) treatment to assure safe and reliable recovery. All recovery equipment can be rented through Polar Technology.

    Visit www.refrigerantauthority.com for additional information.

    Robinair’s new Digital Gauges (P/N 11910, 11920) automatically perform pressure temperature calculations for up to 17 different refrigerants. Its compact design, large display and bright backlight provide technicians with accurate readings and ease of use in various locations. Compatible with numerous manifolds. Low pressure (0-250 psi) and high pressure (0-500 psi) gauges available.

    Visit www.robinairhvac.com for additional information.

    RMS of Georgia
    RMS of Georgia announces choice R-421a, a non-ozone depleting longterm replacement for R-22. The R-421a can replace R-22 with no change of oil. The R-421a can be used with mineral, AB or POE oils, is non-flammable and rated A1 by ASHRAE. It is comparable to R-22 in terms of performance across the R-22 temperature range. According to RMS of Georgia spokesperson, Choice R421a is the only R-22 replacement that contains no hydrocarbons.

    Visit www.rmsgas.com for additional information.

    The Refrigeration and Air Conditioning training course from the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) is designed to provide the beginning student and the practicing technician with a comprehensive foundation of knowledge of refrigeration and air conditioning. Beginning with an introduction to the basic theories and principles of refrigeration and air conditioning, this course also examines major system components, gas laws, pressure/ temperature relationships, tools of the trade, electricity for the service technician, an introduction to heat pumps, psychrometrics, heat transfer, air distribution and hydronics. This course consists of six units of study, 87 Lessons, totaling 217 contact hours of instruction.

    Visit www.rses.org for additional information.

    Sporlan’s SORIT to CDS Conversion Kit is contractor friendly, allowing the service technician to update a mechanical PRV to a precision step motor electronic valve. With the conversion kit the contractor makes the modification without removing the valve from the line – saving time and materials. In addition to providing precise control characteristic of our standard step motor valves, once converted, the valve can integrate into a computer control system and remote diagnostics are possible. Additionally, contractors are able to manually operate the step motor valve for system diagnostics.

    For additional information visit www.sporlan.com.

    TIF’s new refrigerant scale (P/N 9035) is a battery powered, 220-lb. capacity scale that comes in a unique carrying case with built-in storage area for a manifold hose set, enabling technicians to easily and conveniently transport the equipment in one case. TIF sources say the scale has high accuracy and resolution. It fits most existing refrigerant tanks.

    Visit www.tif.com for additional information.

    Worthington With the rapidly rising costs for virtually all refrigerants and the quickly approaching phase-out of R-22, refrigerant recovery and reclaim is becoming increasingly important in the HVACR industry. Worthington Cylinders offers a complete line of recovery cylinder products to meet contractor needs, including high and low pressure cylinders and sizes ranging from 30 lbs. to 1,000 lbs.

    Visit www.worthingtoncylinders.com for additional information.