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faux cover 2018 ac guide
Products shown are 2017 models.

ADVERTISE in the Contracting Business Residential Air Conditioning Guide!

This annual classic includes split and mini-split/ductless products for the home by the leading manufacturers. Position your new ad message alongside comprehensive editorial. AD CLOSE: March 20

Time to book your advertising message in the Contracting Business Annual Guide to High-Efficiency Residential Air Conditioning!

We are now accepting new bookings, over and above any existing programs.

Ad closing date: March 20

Products shown are from the 2017 guide.

This annual industry classic displays editorial messages for innovative, industry-leading residential split systems and ductless comfort systems, complete with the major features and benefits of each.

  • Editorial will be featured in online, digital and print editions.
  • Put your ad in front of contractors who are preparing for the 2018 cooling season!
  • It’s the one-two punch of showing your ad combined with editorial! Remember those days?
  • Contractors will be referring to this all during spring and summer!

Non-comfort system product manufacturers should also consider buying new space for this special feature that contractors will refer to all during the spring and summer:

  • Tools
  • Instruments
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Humidification/dehumidification
  • and more.

Contact your CB sales rep today, and book your space!

Key Accounts
John Ehlen
[email protected]
M: 612-669-7582

Mike Hellman
Director, Building Infrastructure

South & West
Randy Jeter
[email protected]O: 512-263-7280  M: 512-426-9145

East Coast
Brian Sack
[email protected]M: 732-629-1949

North Central
Brett Ryden
[email protected]
O: 312-840-8461 M: 630-450-1164

Marco Maffeo-Robinson
[email protected]
M: 202-725-8386

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