HVAC Customer Service Superiority: Differentiate and Dominate

Steve Coscia is conducting a webinar on how to own your marketplace. Coscia, a writer for Contracting Business.com and HVACR/Hydronics Distribution Business magazines as well as a speaker at Comfortech, is well known for his easy and fun style of teaching. Contractors always get more than they expected from his classes, books, and editorials.

Do you want to dominate your marketplace? Are you looking for ways to accomplish this? Guess what -- Steve Coscia’s exclusive May 15th webinar just what you need. Want even more good news? You can get more than $300 in educational resources immediately upon registration

Steve Coscia

Here's what you get:

•Develop “Power Scripts” that elevate your company image on every call
•Convert customer inquiries into new sales
•Boost your upselling revenue using “code” words that customers can’t ignore
•Reduce stress & increase productivity for your Customer Service team
•Transform angry callers into fans
•Double or triple referral rates… for free

Here's the facts: The 60-minute webinar,  Customer Service Superiority: Differentiate and Dominate, will be on May 15th, 2013 at 1:00 PM EST. The registration fee is $57.00:

Seats are limited – register today!

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