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'Wall of Pride' Displays Best HVAC Installations

Enjoy browsing this new collection of "HVAC Wall of Pride" photos.

This recurring gallery shines a light on the great work by HVAC contractors who are members of the discussion forum, owned and operated by ContractingBusiness and Penton.

OUR PURPOSE is to exhibit some of the best work by some of the best HVACR contractors in the business. The "Wall of Pride" offers proof as to why a customer must be careful about who they allow to install or service their commercial or residential HVAC systems or commercial refrigeration systems.

Not a member of HVAC-Talk? You should be . . . so you can post comments and respond to others' posts in a variety of commercial and residential HVACR-related forums. Learn from your peers, and offer some advice of your own. It's free, so SIGN UP TODAY!

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