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Prosperity Mindset Training Package

Prosperity Mindset Training for Contractors

Watch Weldon Long on how to change your mindset in order to dramatically increase your company's sales. Then fill out the form below to instantly receive a free prosperity mindset training package. Your complimentary training package will include training videos, posters, industry research and much more!

Your Free Mindset Sample Training Package Will Include:

  • HVAC Sales Academy Prosperity Mindset Sample Training Videos & Learning Management System
  • VIDEO: Prosperity Mindset Video with Weldon Long
  • Poster: Our Customers Care About Service
  • Poster: Our Customers Care About Quality
  • Poster: Our Customers Care About Value
  • Webinar Recording: Get Your Mind Right – Get Your Sales Right!
  • Industry Research Report on Mindset (Available mid August 2017)

Submit the form below to receive your free Prosperity Mindset Training Package from EGIA's Contractor University.

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