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The Benefits of Using Portable Air Conditioners: Cooling Equipment, People and Processes

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Portable air conditioners are used as an efficient, cost-effective cooling solution in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. The advantages of portable cooling are numerous. The units have the ability to provide permanent and temporary cooling for people, processes, and equipment. 

Developing a strategy to deploy portable air conditioners for your customers is crucial to the success of their business operations. Portable cooling is ideal for temporary emergency cooling.  Its plug-and-play installation provides instant cooling because every minute counts.  This webcast will highlight strategies for reducing total cost of ownership while ensuring years of reliable cooling.

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess the numerous applications of a portable cooling unit.
  • Determine the proper cooling unit and most efficient installation for the application.
  • Utilizing spot coolers in the day to day AC contracting business.
  • Discuss strategies for reducing total cost of ownership of portable cooling units.

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Jim Magallanes, President, Computer Room Uptime


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