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Selling in Hot Times: Why Having the Right Mindset is Even More Important During Peak Seasons

Tuesday, July 18th at 2pm ET

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One of the keys to successful selling is having the right mindset when we have a selling opportunity. Having the right mindset about pricing and quality is the key to selling more systems at better margins, and that’s more important when you’re busy than when you’re slow.
Think about it: Typically companies that implement a prosperity mindset generate thousands of dollars more on each sale than companies that think homeowners just want a cheap price. If you’re not maximizing sales productivity by having the right mindset, the more leads you run, the more money you lose! This is never more important than during the summer busy season!
Invest ONE HOUR of your time this summer and learn how to capitalize on each new lead and dramatically increase your profitability on every sale! Join us for this webinar hosted by industry expert and NY Times Bestselling Author, Weldon Long, and learn:

  • How to understand how your thoughts about price translate into your reality 
  • How to create more sales at better margins by creating a Prosperity Mindset. 
  • How to understand that successful contractors get paid for what they do and what they KNOW! 

You are never too busy to stop leaving money on the table!

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Weldon Long, Entrepreneur, Sales Expert, Author

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