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ASDA Upgrades to A2L System...and Impressive Results

Jan. 25, 2023
Learn how one of the largest UK grocery retailers saw a 34% savings in energy consumption as well as exceptional cost savings after upgrading to an A2L HFO refrigerant system.

In 2020, UK grocery retailer ASDA decided their flagship eco-supermarket was ready for a sustainability upgrade. The existing CO2 (R-744) system was hampered by excessive maintenance requirements and poor performance. A solution was needed. In 2021, ASDA worked with Chemours to complete the world's first in-store application switch from CO2 (R-744) to XL40 (R-454A). Results, like annual energy cost savings, reduced scope 1 and scope 2 emissions, exceeded expectations. Read about the real-world advantages that ASDA has gained and how they learned first-hand that A2L HFO refrigerants offer an excellent balance of sustainability, safety, and cost of ownership benefits.

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