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    Daikin to Provide XOi Smart Technology to Service Technicians

    Jan. 11, 2024
    The collaboration connects Daikin HVAC technicians throughout North America with XOi’s advanced AI- and data-driven solution,

    WALLER, Texas, January 10, 2024 – Daikin Comfort Technologies North America, Inc.  and XOi, a leading provider of technician-first smart technology for commercial and residential field service companies, are transforming the possibilities of field service technology through a new strategic relationship.

    Together, Daikin and XOi are working to revolutionize the way technicians interact with technology in the field. The collaboration connects Daikin HVAC technicians throughout North America with XOi’s advanced AI- and data-driven solution, generating an unprecedented information and data ecosystem and delivering powerful insights that empower intelligent business decisions.

    “XOi’s groundbreaking solution allows Daikin contractors to deliver hi-tech service to their customers,” said Doug Widenmann Daikin’s Senior Vice President of Marketing. “We believe that earning technician trust is one of our many keys to earning share. By streamlining and simplifying the experience of technicians in the field, XOi allows them to document, communicate and verify the services they provide with remarkable accuracy and transparency. That connection with customers helps Daikin contractors build trust and lasting relationships that drive consistently elevated business.”

    Daikin and XOi provide HVAC technicians with a suite of premium tools for managing and leveraging data from current jobs as well as historical projects, including powerful data collection, virtual support and mentoring, and data-based insights. With XOi, technicians have access to Daikin-specific workflows and a proprietary knowledge base, equipping them to perform full-service diagnostics at any jobsite by applying data science across live video, workflow automation and artificial intelligence - all of which not only support the technician, but help deliver an incomparable end customer experience.

    “Daikin’s global presence and XOi’s pioneering technology are connecting to reimagine what’s possible with field service technology,” said Aaron Salow, founder and CEO of XOi. “With our solution, Daikin contractors can drive truly world-class performance and productivity while supporting long-term, trust-based customer relationships that are crucial to meaningful and profitable outcomes.”

    Features of the platform include:

    • Daikin-specific smart workflows with conditional logic that guide technicians through their work
    • Daikin-specific AI-driven knowledge base
    •  Smart push notifications which drive and deliver a streamlined technician experience
    • Easily accessible asset-centric service histories
    • Live augmented reality remote support direct to Daikin technical support
    • Strategic trade insights that drive decisions around marketing, training, sales, service and support.