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AHR Exhibitors Showcase Innovative Smart Controls, Thermostats

The heating and cooling systems in homes and buildings across America are getting smarter than ever. No, they didn’t go back to school like Rodney Dangerfield; they have simply been on the receiving end of some amazing technological upgrades.

Last week’s 2015 AHR Expo in Chicago’s McCormick Place was a sure sign that smart thermostat and control system technology is coming into its own, as multiple booths featured brand new technology. Some of these thermostats allow you to control them from an app on your smartphone. Some will know when you walk into a room and change the temperature for the most comfortable settings. Others intuitively know when inclement weather is coming.

Here are some of the better smart control and thermostat systems we saw at this year’s AHR Expo. Missing anything big in this burgeoning field of technology? Know of the next great smart technology? Let us know at [email protected].



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