Content Contributor Guidelines

Contracting Business magazine welcomes contributed editorial content from experts and practitioners in our industry. Please view these guidelines to understand our decision-making process.

Target Audience

Contracting Business is published for owners, managers and technicians at residential or commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration businesses. We will also consider articles that offer management advice to HVACR distribution business managers.Contracting Business prefers articles “by contractors, for contractors.” However, in the absence of articles from contractors, we will accept articles by consultants on
business management topics; from freelance writers who provide thorough interview content; or from independent trainers/educators on technical topics. They are to be exclusive to Contracting Business, and must not appear in another HVACR industry publication.

Preferred Content

Articles that appear in Contracting Business should not promote a vendor’s company, product or service.*

Contracting Business readers are most interested in business management and technical topics. These articles are not to promote a product or service, rather, they must provide guidance on how best to manage one or more aspects of an HVACR business – such as starting an in-house training center -- or how to perform a specific technical procedure, such as load calculation or superheat/subcooling measurement.

*Product news is accepted in the form of a standard press release listing features and benefits of the product. If we publish the product news it will be edited prior to publication, with superlatives removed and copy possibly shortened; but no facts will be changed. Some submissions will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

We respectfully ask news providers to refrain from inquiring of the editor if or when a news release will be published. 

Content Examples

  • budgeting
  • service pricing
  • HVAC/R repair vs. replace
  • training programs
  • business expansion
  • business accounting
  • adding a new service
  • recruiting and retention
  • technician career tracks
  • lead generation programs
  • managing the dispatching function
  • how to create a culture of excellence
  • how to sell more service agreements
  • how your techs go above and beyond
  • changes made that saved the business
  • “do-overs” – how a mistake was rectified
  • the value of Design/Build in commercial HVAC
  • processes put in place so the owner does not have to be constantly present
  • how to offer repeated, excellent service to homeowners or building managers
  • marketing (from the perspective of the business owner or marketing manager)
  • how to keep a fleet in good working order (from the perspective of the business owner or fleet manager)
  • PROJECTS: the story of an HVAC installation in a home or commercial building, or a commercial refrigeration system installation in a supermarket or other low/medium temperature application. Ideally these stories will come from a contractor, but if submitted by a vendor, we ask that extensive quotes by provided by the contractor.

Article Length

From 500 to 1000 words. Product news can be up to 200 words.


If an article is accepted for publication, we would prefer to see a high-res jpeg photo of the author and any relevant photo, ESPECIALLY for a project article. A photo of the building is not helpful to the reader.

Pitching the Article

Articles should be pitched via e-mail. Briefly describe the proposed article, your role in the organization, if there is a product angle, and a basic outline. Send to Terry McIver at [email protected].

Contributing Author Agreement

Authors must accept a contributing author agreement giving Contracting Business/Endeavor Business Media full publishing rights to the article for a period of 120 days.