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AHR EXPO: EnOcean Alliance to Showcase Integrated Building Systems

AHR EXPO: EnOcean Alliance to Showcase Integrated Building Systems

At AHR Expo 2015 (McCormick Place Chicago, January 26-28), the EnOcean Alliance will demonstrate a cross-vendor system approach based on innovative solutions from 19 member companies. Visitors can learn how interoperable energy harvesting wireless applications overcome the limits of isolated building areas to achieve maximum energy saving and comfort rates. The demo at booth 3649, South Hall, shows a connected building system integrating intelligent HVAC and lighting control with energy management – all based on the EnOcean batteryless wireless standard but from different leading manufacturers of the building industry.

Interoperability of different devices and solutions is key to smart buildings. One of the EnOcean Alliance’s major aims is to offer its more than 350 members a mutual platform of knowledge and technology exchange. Based on an open wireless standard, the Alliance has defined unified application profiles which enable system planers to flexibly combine devices from different vendors. That way, users can choose from more than 1,200 products to build a system meeting individual needs. In addition, they benefit from the batteryless, maintenance-free operation of the EnOcean-based devices, collecting their energy from the surrounding environment.

At AHR Expo, the EnOcean Alliance shows an integrated building system covering the following areas:

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Batteryless wireless automation is an attractive way to unfold the potential of energy-saving HVAC control at minimum installation effort and costs. The EnOcean Alliance demo system integrates self-powered wireless temperature sensors from Thermokon, Kieback&Peter and Neptronic, a temperature/humidity sensor from KMC Controls, a Variable Air Volume controller from Distech Controls, a temperature actuator from Kieback&Peter, a CO2 ambient sensor from Gas Sensing Solutions, a solar-powered window contact as well as a Spartan Peripheral Devices wireless heating valve actuator. Alternatively, users can choose a completely self-powered heating valve actuator from Micropelt.

All these components are intelligently connected so that heat or cooling air is only supplied when the room conditions need to be adapted to predefined set points. In addition, the valve automatically turns down the heating when the window is opened, whereas the CO2 sensor monitors air quality. A differential pressure switch from Dwyer Instruments adds to the system of intelligent HVAC control. For additional energy savings, the self-powered Current Transducer (CT) Clamp from Pressac Communications can measure electricity and show operational costs of appliances on a daily basis.


Light influences a user’s mood and productivity significantly while providing energy-saving possibilities at the same time. In an intelligently connected building, lighting means automated dimming and switching based on external factors such as ambient lighting or the presence of persons. The demo shows how this can be realized by a batteryless wall switch combined with a wall switch receiver from Leviton, a solar-powered occupancy sensor, a light sensor and a duplex outlet/receptacle receiver from Echoflex as well as 0-10 lighting relays from Functional Devices and Illumra.

Central Control

The integrated system approach also allows combining HVAC and lighting control by using the same data. The presence of people captured by an occupancy sensor, for example, can be used for adapted room temperature settings as well as lighting levels depending on the current room occupancy status. This intelligent data processing for highest comfort and energy savings is realized by gateway units to building automation systems and IP. They network the components from different vendors to an integrated automation solution that takes the user’s individual needs and changing situations into account. At the AHR booth, the EnOcean Alliance shows the SmartStruxure Lite system from Schneider Electric, the eBox from Magnum Energy Solutions, the Smart Sensor EnOcean Accesspoint from Reliable Controls as well as a gateway controller from Contemporary Controls.

More details on the battteryless wireless solutions shown at the EnOcean Alliance booth 3649, South Hall, can be found at

Visitors to AHR Expo 2015 can experience energy harvesting wireless solutions from over 20 EnOcean Alliance members, including the following booths:

Caleffi (4683), Delta Controls (3414), Distech Controls (3623), Dwyer Instruments (3635), Functional Devices (3410), KMC Controls (3636), LonMark International (3843), Magnum Energy Solutions (3666), Neptronic (4474), Network Corporation (3959), Reliable Controls (3423), Siemens Building Technologies (3848), Schneider Electric (3622), Spartan Peripheral Devices (3719), Thermokon (3542), Titus (7000), Viconics Technologies (3447) and WAGO (3812).

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