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LG at 2018 AHR Expo

Kevin McNamara says LG's consistent messaging is about efficiency through inverter technology, and the importance of controls to the overall home and building comfort offering.

Our content and video team was busy during the 2018 AHR Expo in Chicago. We interviewed more than a dozen executives representing leading HVAC brands.

We wanted to know what their messages are to show attendees, and how that message will be directed to the industry at-large in 2018.

Kevin McNamara, senior vice president for LG Electronics spoke with Rob McManamy, editor of HPAC Engineering about LG's message for the show and industry.

"Our message has been pretty consistent: efficiency with inverter technology and the importance of controls and connectivity going forward," McNamara said.

"We're building off of last year, with our multi-site suite of products that are used in zone controllers and communication mangers for building platforms. Our newest home automation offering is new connectivity with Amazon and Google, where not those things people have been talking about in IoT, LG is able to deliver." 

Watch this brief video to learn more!

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