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Dick Foster interview AHR Exposition Informa

ZoneFirst at 2018 AHR Expo

Dick Foster, president and CEO of ZoneFirst, tells Steve Spaulding about ZoneFirst's main message at AHR Expo: zoning adds comfort to rooms that are too hot or too cold, and makes sense for energy savings and comfort. ZoneFirst has also introduced its first zoning app.

ZoneFirst has been a leader in HVAC system zoning for 50 years. Zoning adds comfort for rooms that are too hot or too cold, yet, less than 4% of contractors are using zoning for newly installed systems.

"With zoning, you don't heat or cool the entire house. Zoning makes sense for energy savings and comfort," Foster says.

He also shared the news about the new ZoneFirst app, that lets the homeowner control their zone dampers from a smart phone.

"Everybody's talking about smart homes and smart technology. With zoning and what we're doing with the app and our smart-based system, we can see how well the system is or is not performing," Foster adds.


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