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05 Commercial Contractor Survey

Contracting Business has once again surveyed a select list of commercial contractors to solicit an analysis of their businesses, and to get a snapshot of the overall commercial HVAC market across the country.

The accompanying table spotlights 25 of the leading entities in the U.S. commercial HVAC market.

Please note that all numbers and percentages were supplied by the responding companies.

If you'd like your company to be considered for participation in next year's survey, please contact Executive Editor Ron Rajecki at 216/931-9298 or e-mail [email protected]


"Margins have become tighter while the major sectors have shifted to health care and high-rise condos."
Warren Hill, president
Hill Mechanical Group

"The commercial HVAC market continues to be driven by price. This 'first cost' approach doesn't always equate to the best value for the client."
Steven L. Streimer, vice president
Streimer Sheet Metal

"Our biggest concern is the lack of a qualified workforce in the marketplace."
Denny Terrell, president
Ivey Mechanical Company

"The San Diego market is hot, hot, hot! We are running on all cylinders; every department is busy."
Adrian "Ed" Blum
A.O. Reed & Co.

"The commercial HVAC market offers a wonderful career opportunity for people with all types of skills."
Barry Moore, vice president
Brandt Engineering

"The market remains good and we have a large backlog in the high quality, high performance market."
James R. Bullock Jr., president
Environmental Air Systems

"The growth potential in South Florida is limited by the lack of available field workforce, and by the lack of skill in the workforce." — Robert W. "Chip' Lafferty, CEO
Hill York and Associated Companies

"The market remains good and we have a large backlog in the high quality, high performance market."
James R. Bullock Jr., president
Environmental Air Systems

"The market is becoming more competitive. It's very important to differentiate yourself from your competitors to give customers a feeling of getting an advantage by working with your company."
Kevin Reilly, CEO
John W. Danforth Company

Top Industry Leaders

Emcor Group, Inc.*
Norwalk, CT
$1,848 14,095 68% 24% 8% Nationwide
Comfort Systems USA*
Houston, TX
$820 5,863 54% 30% 16% Nationwide
ACCO Engineered Systems
Glendale, CA
$365 1,800 65% 30% 15% West Coast
Southland Industries
Irvine, CA
$285 1,456 55% 37% 8% CA, NV, CO, HI, and Mid-Atlantic
Dallas, TX
$160 900 40% 30% 30% Texas and Arizona
Hill Mechanical Group
Chicago, IL
$152 716 58% 35% 7% Northeastern Illinois
Brandt Engineering
Dallas, TX
$130 900 65% 35% 10% TX, OK, LA, NM
Coastal Mechanical Services
Melbourne, FL
$103 NR 56% 11% 33% Southeastern U.S.
John W. Danforth Co.
Tonawanda, NY
$102 429 30% 62% 8% Central and Western New York
Ivey Mechanical Company
Kosciusko, MS
$100 700 65% 20% 15% Nationwide
University Marelich Mechanical
Anaheim, CA
$100 400 95% 5% 0% Southern California
A.O. Reed & Co.
San Diego, CA
$92 450 55% 30% 15% Southern California
Hill York & Associated Companies
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
$81 450 65% 20% 15% South Florida
Way Holding, Ltd.
Houston, TX
$73 322 77% 11% 12% Texas and Oklahoma
Lee Company
Franklin, TN
$70 500 60% 20% 20% Construction: Nationwide Service: Middle Tennessee
MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions
Seattle, WA
$70 390 48% 35% 17% Western Washington, Northern Oregon
Critchfield Mechanical
Menlo Park, CA
$68 400 85% 15% 0% CA, NV, HI
Environmental Air Systems
Greensboro, NC
$62 550 60% 30% 10% Southeastern U.S.
Charles E. Jarrell Contracting
Earth City, MO
$57 305 55% 30% 15% St. Louis and Western Illinois
Martin Petersen Co.
Kenosha, WI
$52 240 60% 20% 20% Chicago to Milwaukee
Berger Engineering Co.
Dallas, TX
$40 100 65% 25% 10% Nationwide
L.H. Cranston & Sons
Timonium, MD
$38 150 70% 10% 20% Baltimore and Washington DC
Hermanson Company
Kent, WA
$37 125 50% 48% 2% Washington and Alaska
Wiegmann Associates
St. Charles, MO
$35 113 41% 48% 11% Nationwide
Streimer Sheet Metal
Portland, OR
$34 200 89% 10% 1% OR, WA, ID, CA
Berger Engineering Co.
Dallas, TX
$35 100 60% 20% 20% Nationwide
* Represents numerous locations nationwide NR = Not Reported
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