2012 Design/Build Awards

Energy. People working in office buildings or other facilities tend to consume it with no thought to where it comes from, or what it costs.

But increasingly, facility managers, building owners, and developers want to know the destiny of every energy dollar. When those dollars add up beyond an acceptable number, it’s up to commercial HVAC contractors to provide energy-saving solutions.

The winning projects in our 2012 Design/Build Awards contest are fine examples of commercial comfort systems that bring maximum reductions in energy and operational costs, and are engineered using innovative installation procedures.

The work by EMCOR Services/Mesa Energy Systems, Irvine, CA, for a leading telecommunications provider includes chiller replacements and chilled-water primary pumps. It has saved more than 5 million kWh in the first year of operation.

Lee Company, Franklin, TN, has won for a VAV/HVAC system and BACnet direct digital control building automation system for the new, West Nashville Police Precinct. The Lee Co. team also used a domestic hot water recirculation pump, Energy Star Target Finder Tool for energy analysis, BIM/3D modeling, and off-site prefabrication for time saving installation of pre-assembled “modules.”

Municiple school systems in many cities are facing severe cutbacks due to reduced revenue, and school administrators are challenged to find affordable solutions for replacing or adding HVAC to aging school buildings. One such school is the North Jackson Elementary School in Jefferson, GA. It was time to bring indoor comfort to the school gymnasium. The affordable and money-saving solution was to use multiple inverter systems for duct-free cooling in the 10,000 sq. ft. area. The in-house team also installed new, energy-stingy lighting.

When energy-saving innovations are required, the best and brightest commercial HVAC professionals don’t mail it in. They do their best to provide efficient comfort solutions. Their stories being on the next page.

Congratulations to all!

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