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ACCA Invites Contractors to Make Their Own Seminar

ARLINGTON, VA-The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), Arlington, VA, has introduced a new educational program to help contractors get answers to their questions on a broad array of management topics. "Make Your Own Seminar!" is a new series of online Q&A sessions featuring top experts who agree to answer questions submitted by ACCA members. The questions and their respective answers are featured on ACCA's website at A new topic and expert is featured every month. The first expert, featured in July, was Laurie T. Baulig, Esq., a partner with the law firm of Scopelitis, Garvin, Light & Hanson, former head of labor policy for one of the largest trade associations in the country, and a nationally-known expert in employment law. Baulig will be answering questions related to employment law -- including hiring/firing, compensation and overtime, compliance with federal law and regulations, and other topics related to employment by small businesses. Other topics in the series will include: sales and marketing; contract law and liability; taxes; indoor air quality; insurance; employee training; financial management; fleet management; credit management; workplace safety; and family finance planning. Questions may be submitted online at Each month, contractors will have the opportunity to ask questions of a new expert. "Contractors are busy, especially during these summer months," said Kevin W. Holland, ACCA Vice President for Communications & Information Services. "But they also have lots of questions about managing their businesses. So we're bringing the experts to them, all year long, and letting contractors ask the questions and 'make their own seminar.'" ACCA, a federation of more than 50 state and local affiliated organizations, is the leading trade association representing the business, educational, and policy interests of the nation's heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration contractors.

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