ACCA Offers Legal Issues Track at Annual Conference

If you’re trying to decide if you should be a last-minute attendee at the Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s Annual Conference, maybe this will tip the scales and get you to New Orleans Feb. 25-28.

ACCA has announced that it will offer a series of workshops on legal issues at this year's annual conference as part of the association's expanded effort to help contractors with their legal concerns.

The "Legal Issues Track" of educational sessions will include the following offerings:

  • Wage and Hour Issues for the HVACR Industry. This session will provide an overview of the federal law that governs the payment of overtime for service technicians and other non-exempt employees.
  • Mold: Current Trends in Litigation and Insurance. This panel discussion will include commentary on current trends and regulations, the defense of claims, and proactive tips to prevent claims. It will also look into the future of what to expect with the mold issue.
  • Class Action and Mass Tort Litigation in Mold Cases. This workshop will include a discussion on the evolution of class action practice in general and as it relates to mold cases, in addition to what appears to be a much needed swing toward helpful reform.

The Legal Issues Track is one of five tracks featured at the conference. Other tracks workshop series include residential contracting, commercial contracting, marketing your business, a series of best practices panels, and a special educational track for spouses and guests.

For more information or to register, visit or call 703/824-8856.

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