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ACCA Prepares Manual S For ANSI Review Process

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Educational Institute has established a task team to begin the procedure of putting ACCA Manual S® through the American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) review and standards process.

Manual S, Residential Equipment Selection, is a comprehensive guide for selecting residential heating and cooling equipment.

“Through the ANSI standard process of Manual J, it was ascertained that heat loss/gain calculations are but one facet of proper equipment and sizing,” says Michael Honeycutt, ACCA senior vice president and chief of staff. “Another critical aspect is the proper selection of equipment and the capability of the equipment to match the required load. This is where Manual S comes in.”

“With Manual S as an ANSI standard, the proper selection of heating and cooling equipment, based on manufacturers’ rated capacities, will result in closer matched equipment selection, increased comfort, and less energy utilization,” Honeycutt adds.

ACCA’s Manual D® has already received ANSI approval as the standard for residential duct design. ACCA’s Manual J® residential load calculation procedure currently is in the ANSI review process.

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