Advector Realizes Possibilitiesin Home Automation

Advector Realizes Possibilitiesin Home Automation

Full system automation, touch screen programming, energy conservation settings are a few of the possibilities.

Homeowners are finding many new possibilities are at their fingertips with the growth of wireless home automation systems.

One of the new leaders in the automated systems arena is Advector Systems. The company — based in Grapevine, TX — produces a wireless automation zone control that provides builders, contractors, and homeowners with cost effective, enhanced, and energy efficient HVAC controls solutions.

Today, advances in technology such as the use of wireless communications and home automation are now providing systems that can deliver on the market demand for cost reduction, style and function.

"Full system automation, touch screen programming, energy conservation settings, and personalized room-based temperatures are all achievable with a return on investment of about three years," says Shawn Grennan, managing director at Advector Systems. "And, when systems are financed as part of a new construction project, owners could see positive cash flow as early as the first month."

Advector believes the HVAC system is a key area for optimization. According to Energy Star, nearly 50% of monthly energy utilization is a direct result of heating and cooling. Home buyers are echoing this focus on the HVAC system, as noted in recent surveys where over 90% responded that they want energy efficient heating and cooling systems.

The inVENT technology moves conditioned air into the room at a high velocity and causes the air to "grip" the ceiling, floor and walls making it an optimal solution for air distribution.

"When it comes to residential heating and cooling it's all about balance," says Boris Medic, Advector Systems managing director. "The inVENT adjustable damper system uses custom software and aerodynamic principles to be a feature rich, cost effective, green solution that can drive up to 40% savings," Medic says.

The inVENT technology moves conditioned air into the room at a high velocity and causes the air to "grip" the ceiling, floor and walls making it an optimal solution for air distribution. The result is more even feeling temperatures, fewer direct drafts and energy conservation through reduced system run time. When an HVAC system is installed there is no way to know where the furniture will be positioned, what activities will take place in each area or what the temperature preference will be in each room. In the past, these installation limitations subjected home owners to less than optimal conditions and increased energy costs. The Select-Air System is a wireless zone control solution that increases comfort by using enhanced room-based HVAC zones, and reduces monthly cost through energy-efficient programming. The system uses advanced IEEE 802.14.4 wireless communications and home automation technology to delier flexible design options with limited required maintenance.

The system consists of the inVENT wireless damper and airflow register, the Advisor, a 20-zone control and logic system with integrated programmable wireless thermostat, the Sub-Advisor wireless home automation thermostat, and the Flex, a wireless remote temperature sensor. When used with the Select-Air System, the wireless inVENT is controlled by the Advisor, and regulates the amount of conditioned airflow allowed into specific rooms, based on pre-programmed settings to ensure the homeowner is only paying to heat or cool the rooms of their choice.

The inVENT is made in a "new construction" design for application where new drywall will be installed and a "remodeling" version, designed to be an exact replacement for existing rectangular metal registers in applications where there will be no structural changes.


  • Wireless zoning systems have HVAC logics and system management integrated into the master thermostat and eliminate the need for a separate control panel.
  • Custom wireless damper systems replace metal ceiling registers and traditional mechanical dampers to reduce installation time.
  • Wireless options increase the flexibility of remote thermostat placement to offer room-based temperature control.
  • All system and sub-system components are controlled without wires to remove the need for costly electrical additions.
  • With a wireless system, even the most remote rooms can be serviced without drywall damage or structural changes.
  • Wireless zoning systems allow for a greater number of total zones and less mechanical maintenance for the consumer.
  • Wireless zoning systems allow multiple wireless dampers to be monitored by a single zone controller.

About Advector Systems: Advector Systems is a wireless automation zone control manufacturer focused on the functional use of advanced technology to provide builders, contractors and home owners with a cost effective, feature rich and energy efficient HVAC control solutions.

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