Affiliated Distributors Recognizes Spirax Sarco With Marketing Award

Affiliated Distributors, Blythewood, SC, has presented Spirax Sarco, Inc. with its 2002 Recognition of Excellence in Marketing Award in the Pipe, Valves and Fittings Division. The award recognizes the supplier that most successfully differentiates its marketing activities. Over the annual evaluation period, Spirex Sarco carried out both distribution and point-of-sale focused promotional activities. The company introduced eight new products, held more than 52 affiliate training meetings, staged a local trade show shared by three affiliates, and a “counter day” promotion, and produced a joint local catalog. Commenting on the award, Spirax Sarco Vice President of Marketing and Sales Justin O’Dowd, said, “The Spirax Sarco marketing and sales team worked very hard to increase the company’s value to distribution, while respecting margin objectives and territorial interests. Our team was successful in providing Affiliated Distributors with the messages and support necessary to demonstrate preeminent value and close sales in a tough selling environment.”

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