AGC Sees Flaws in President's Budget

Associated General Contractors President Stephen E. Sandherr says he hopes President Bush's proposed budget does not adversely affect America's infrastructure.
"Budgets from every president present a mixed bag," said Sandherr. "In this instance, the President has demonstrated his commitment to the highway program and to ensuring a healthy construction economy by proposing to make tax cuts permanent."
AGC also supports the President's efforts to highlight the importance of enacting Association Health Plan legislation that would expand health coverage for many uninsured Americans in working families.
And, for the first time ever, specific funding totaling $50 million in grants to construction contractors wishing to retrofit equipment also was highlighted in the budget.
AGC supports the increased funding for Highways, but is concerned about the long term solvency of the Highway Trust Fund. Sandherr noted, "We support the 'Open Roads Financing Pilot Program' that would attempt to identify alternative sources methods for of collecting highway user fees."
AGC is concerned about cuts to vital infrastructure programs such as wastewater and drinking water funding as well as the safety training grants.
In addition, AGC is concerned about proposed cuts to aviation infrastructure, federal building infrastructure and water infrastructure especially in light of the pressing needs.
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