AirAdvice Taps HVAC Professionals to Fine-Tune IAQ Tools

AirAdvice, Inc., Portland, OR, developer of the AirAdvice HVAC-IAQ Program, tapped 25 HVAC professionals across the U.S. to test and shape its new line of online IAQ management, the AirAdvice SmartWeb Tools.
AirAdvice SmartWeb Tools is a suite of advanced, easy-to-use online IAQ business tools that deliver powerful new ways for HVAC professionals to create, sustain, and manage a profitable IAQ business.
AirAdvice unveiled the SmartWeb Tools to HVAC professionals serving on the SmartWeb Innovation Team, in a series of October sessions that took place at AirAdvice headquarters and at other national locations.
Each member of the Innovation Team offered input based on his or her specific area of HVAC expertise. AirAdvice used the feedback to shape and fine-tune the SmartWeb Tools system, which is scheduled for release
to AirAdvice customers later this month.
SmartWeb Tools is designed as a one-stop IAQ management resource. All-new and updated features allow owners to set goals and track sales performance; motivate employees to engage in IAQ diagnosis and sales; and provide fast access to data, reports, and the most current HVAC-IAQ
resources and information.
AirAdvice SmartWeb Tools is scheduled for release to AirAdvice customers on October 25. For more information, contact an IAQ Business Advisor at 866/247-4800.
For more information, visit

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