AirTime 500 Members Learn More Lead Generation Tips at Expo

Nearly 500 contractors gathered in Orlando, FL, recently for the latest AirTime 500 Expo where new business-building strategies were disclosed; one of which was a new program that could create many more replacement leads for HVAC contractors.
The new program is called the Quantum System. It’s built upon enhancing contractors’ use of the infrared camera called the Inspector. “The Quantum System is designed to provide both technical and communication training for technicians, and at the same time, it will generate far more replacement leads, which will create more revenue. It makes the job of a general manager much easier,” said Terry Nicholson, President of AirTime 500.
The Inspector is an infrared camera attached to a flexible wand that can be inserted into a furnace. It locates even the smallest cracks and holes in heat exchangers protecting homeowners from carbon monoxide poisoning. The Quantum System takes advantage of a new component of the most recent model of the Inspector; the latest Inspector comes with an audio component.
Now, in addition to recording the video of a technician using the Inspector on a furnace, it also records how the technician reported his or her findings to the homeowner. The Quantum System outlines how these recordings can be used for multiple purposes such as training, assistance in closing sales, and others.
“With the new Inspector and the Quantum system, you have a helpful tool that allows you to help your technicians succeed. You can review their performance on every service call. You’ll know precisely if the technician properly diagnosed the situation and informed the customer,” Nicholson said.
Also during the Expo, AirTime’s new marketing director, Paul Gassett, gave members several new tools to generate additional leads.
The first was a new online program called iHouse, an interactive tool that can be posted on AirTime members’ websites. It shows homeowners how a comfort system operates throughout a home. Homeowners can click on various parts of their system to see what each does. Accompanying the iHouse tool is a new online newsletter members can send to their customers.
Gasset also provided attendees with a Tune-Up radio infomercial. It contains interviews from HVAC experts; they talk about the importance of tuning up a system, and the spot is easily customizable to add each AirTime members’ website and phone number.
Gassett revealed a new television spot that features the Technician Seal of Safety—a program that explains to consumers that every employee that contractor has hired is regularly drug tested and background checked.
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