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AirTime 500, PSI Unveil New Customer Satisfaction Program

AirTime 500 and Plumbers' Success International® (PSI) will be telling their customers "U-WIN," thanks to a new customer satisfaction program.

"The U-WIN promise extends our customer satisfaction guarantees even further by introducing a mediation process to resolve a customer's problem," says Jim Abrams, CEO of Ven-Vest, the parent company of AirTime 500 and PSI. "The U-WIN seal of approval is another example of how a customer can't lose when they do business with an AirTime or PSI contractor that is certified through U-WIN."

The U-WIN hotline (877/655-UWIN) and website ( allow customers to research the work history of member companies and, if necessary, will help them settle a dispute they may have with a contractor.

Should a consumer not be satisfied with the work a contractor provided, that contractor is required either to return the customer's money or to fix the problem to the satisfaction of the homeowner. If the problem has not been remedied within 48 hours, U-WIN will step in and refund the homeowner's money. Each U-WIN contractor is fully vetted, including background checks, drug testing, training, and insurances, and has provided a letter of credit or cash deposit in the amount of $20,000 to settle potential claims.

For more information about Venvest, visit For more information about AirTime 500, and PSI, contact Bob Houchin at 314/ 862-8181, ext. 319, e-mail [email protected]

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