Alternative Employee Health Care Plan Available to Distributors

Members of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors' (NAW) have a new option for providing their employees health care. NAW has selected Flexible Benefit Service Corporation (FBSC), Des Plaines, IL, to provide industry members the opportunities to save on premiums while gaining greater options to choose their own doctors and hospitals. NAW says it selected FBSC as its exclusive InsureLink health plan provider because of FBSC's proven experience and resourcefuless in designing health plans for businesses of all sizes. "We are proud of NAW's new partnership with Flexible Benefit Service Corporation, a national pioneer in group health," NAW President Dirk Van Dongen says. FBSC can help wholesaler-distributors gain significant savings in group health plan costs through the power of plan design and special agreements with some of America's leading insurance companies." NAW encompasses more than 100 national line-of-trade associations, representing virtually all products that move to market via wholesaler-distributors, as well as approximately 50 regional, state, and local wholesale distribution associations. Information on the InsureLink health care program can be found on the Business Services page of the website. For more information about FSBC, visit According to Allen Wishner, chief executive of FBSC, InsureLink can save employers thousands of dollars annually in premium costs while still allowing them to offer affordable healthcare choices to their employees. "A wholesaler-distributor who selects an alternative higher-deductible health insurance plan can cut premium costs by as much as 50% compared to traditional plans," Wishner points out. "Combine that with employer-funded Archer MSAs (Medical Savings Accounts) for employees, and a business can still achieve savings in the 20% range. "Best of all," Wishner adds, "employees and their families are still fully protected against a major illness or hospital stay, while the Archer MSAs provide a tax-free means for employees to pay 'first-dollar' expenses for plan deductibles, office visits, prescriptions, dental and vision care and other medical services. Any money not spent from an Archer MSA for medical needs grows in the account tax-free, earning tax-free interest toward age 65 and retirement." To learn more about the NAW/FBSC Program, visit www.nawflexiblebenefitcom, or call 888/345-7990.

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