American Standard LaunchesOnline Trade Resource

American Standard LaunchesOnline Trade Resource

The site includes spec sheets, installation instructions, and individual SKU-level ordering information.

The new American Standard® ProSite "gets down to business," with everything trade professionals need to specify and sell American Standard Brand products. has everything from spec sheets, to installation instruction,s to individual SKU-level ordering information.

“This site puts all the information professionals need front-and-center,” says Jonathan Houck, senior manager, online marketing, for American Standard Brands. “We’ve packed this site full of time-saving tools that help professionals work smarter.”

A streamlined navigation feature enables users to quickly drill down to specific products through such search criteria as basin shape, number of handles, faucet drillings, flow-rate, material or ADA-compliant products.

“Once a product is selected, all of its specifications and information – from product images and color swatches to installation guides and rough-in diagrams – are collected for printing or e-mail,” explains Houck. “Imagine the convenience of specifying all of the products needed for a bathroom remodel and sending a comprehensive project file to a wholesaler to bid or a homeowner to approve.”

The American Standard ProSite saves all related project files in a printable .pdf format and a compressed file, so that individual documents are immediately accessible for easy reference. The project file can be stored online, saved to a personal computer or sent to a colleague via e-mail. A line-item summary is also generated for each project file, for an at-a-glance project snapshot. Another useful feature helps manage project costs by compiling suggested retail prices for each item included in a project.

The ProSite also warns users if they are missing components, such as a tub and shower faucet selected without a valve. Houck notes that one benefit of a site dedicated to trade professionals is the ability to cut through the clutter and find products quickly and easily. “Many pros know exactly what products they want for a project and the ProSite’s customizable menus and advanced search functions streamline product selection,” says Houck.

Once a user logs into the ProSite, the system recalls their favorite products, recent searches and, moreover, alerts them to any information updates or pricing changes to these products. For example, if a technical document has been updated or a product has been discontinued, an on-screen alert will keep users up to date. The ProSite also offers professional resources such as product videos and tutorials, a water savings calculator and rebate locator, as well as the ability to order supporting literature.

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