A.O. Smith Signs Endorsement Deal with Actor Ed Begley, Jr.

A. O. Smith Water Products Company has signed a long-term exclusive brand license and endorsement agreement with the producers of the TV series “Living With Ed,” and its co-star Ed Begley Jr. Under terms of the agreement, A. O. Smith will use the trademark of the show and Beley’s endorsement to market its Vertex line of residential gas water heaters throughout the U.S.
Vertex is a 76,000 btu, power-vent, residential gas water heater, that features 90% thermal efficiency. According to A.O. Smith, it combines higher input with more efficient combustion to produce much more hot water with lower operating costs.
"I began my journey on sustainable living back in 1970 and am so excited to have this opportunity to educate others on how they can make simple lifestyle changes and live green,” says Begley. “A. O. Smith and their Vertex help us tell the green story by giving consumers an efficient and green option when choosing a water heater. We think they will be a great addition to the team and we are ready to get their message out there.”
The marketing relationship will be launched with the creation of a series of print, video and on-line materials featuring “Living With Ed” branding and Ed Begley Jr. endorsements.
Begley will also make appearances at upcoming media events.
“Living With Ed” is seen on Mondays at 10:30 p.m. EST.
For more information, visit www.hotwater.com.

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