ARI's New Certification General Operations Manual Coming

Participants in ARI’s certification program have been notified of a revised general operations manual that will make it easier to find information about the program’s rules and procedures.
On Aug. 2, ARI’s Certification Programs and Policy Committee approved amendments to the General Operations Manual (OM) for certification programs. The revised General OM will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2008 and will be available on ARI’s Web site on Sept. 14.
The changes are primarily organizational -- intended to explain the program and better enable participants to quickly find information on topics of interest. The additions are intended to provide clarity and establish procedures for existing program functions and rules. This revision will help participants understand and conform to program rules, and also will aid ARI staff in effectively and fairly administering certification programs. At the same time, the purpose, administration, and integrity of the program will be transparent to anyone examining ARI certification programs. ARI says that in the coming months, its certification staff will be working with participants to implement provisions of the revised General OM. For more information, please contact Sunil Nanjundaram, ARI’s Manager of Certification Programs.

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