Tech Update

March 1, 2011
Commercial: Refrigeration/Recycling Equipment, Ice Machines, Displays, Coolers
Residential: Ducted/Non-ducted Air Conditioning, and Geothermal Systems


Emerson Climate Technologies
Emerson Climate Technologies launched the Copeland Discus® with CoreSense™ Protection, an advancement to its semi-hermetic compressor line that uses the compressor as a sensor to monitor operating conditions within the compressor. Building on its compressor electronics strategy, Emerson now integrates CoreSense technology across the entire Copeland Discus compressor line up to 6 cylinder capacity.
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Manitowoc Ice
Manitowoc Ice introduces its newest ice machine --Indigo™ ice assurance. Ice assurance is a series of technological advancements, including intelligent diagnostics, the ability to monitor ice machine operations 24-hours a day, easy-to-read display screen, an easy to clean food zone, and many other features.

State-of-the-art diagnostics offer constant monitoring of refrigeration and sub-system controls so if an issue arises it is immediately communicated and can be addressed. Using energy management technologies, ice production levels can be scheduled by day-of-week or time-of-day to take advantage of lower nighttime energy rates.
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Ritchie Engineering
Ritchie Engineering Company announced that the first in its new line of Yellow Jacket RecoverX refrigerant recovery machines has begun shipping to U.S. wholesalers. Designed and manufactured in the U.S., the RecoverXLT provides fast recovery of Class II, III, IV and V refrigerants, including R-410A.
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The Amana ASXC16 air conditioner is engineered for durability, quiet operation and advanced diagnostics, while delivering up to 16 SEER, energy-saving performance. The Energy Star-certified ASXC16 is compatible with the ComfortNet™ communicating control. The system actively monitors the entire HVAC loop, making automatic corrections if needed to ensure peak performance.

A lifetime unit replacement limited warranty covers the Amana compressor, a two-stage Copeland® Ultratech scroll.
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American Standard
The Gold XI air conditioner by American Standard keeps operating noise to a minimum, even on the hottest days, thanks to its durable Duration™ compressor and exclusive Spine Fin™ coil. Its rust-resistant coating, screws, and base-pan, protect the system from the elements, as it cools with an environmentally-friendly and ozone-safe refrigerant, company sources state.
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Rated at up to 24.5 SEER, the Broan FS4BI iQ Drive® air conditioner uses inverter technology to achieve the industry’s highest cooling efficiency and lowest sound levels, company sources say.

The iQ Drive air conditioner includes a 10-year all-parts warranty and a 10-year Quality Pledge to replace the unit if the compressor fails.
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The Tranquility split geothermal system consists of the Tranquility outdoor split unit (TTP) and the Tranquility air handler (TAH). When paired together this series has among the highest efficiency rating of any geothermal system on the market today. The Tranquility split system easily connects to new or existing fossil fuel and electric furnaces, uses Earthpure® HFC-410A, and it also exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 and Energy Star 3.0 efficiencies. It also meets requirements for the 30% federal tax credit on installation costs.
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Daikin Altherma™ offers a total comfort solution for residential applications and supplies heating, cooling and domestic hot water three to five times more efficiently than conventional systems using oil or gas, similar to that provided by geothermal, sources say.

Daikin Altherma transforms unutilized energy from the outside air into usable heat and can be connected to low temperature radiators, fan coil units, radiant heating systems, and solar thermal technology for hot water production.
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Achieving up to 24.5 SEER, the Frigidaire iQ Drive® air conditioner (model FS4BI) uses inverter technology to modulate anywhere from 40-118% of capacity, instantly adjusting to exactly offset the demands on the home. It runs almost constantly at a low level and operates as low as 59 decibels.

The Frigidaire iQ Drive air conditioner is available in 2, 3 and 4 tons.
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Available in three sizes from 1- to 2-ton, Goodman Mini-Splits provide 13 SEER and 7.7 HSPF efficiencies. Features include trapiziform inner-grooved copper to improve heat exchange efficiency and lower power consumption; a rotary compressor; bi-directional airflow; self-diagnostics; anti-rust cabinets; auto-protection; auto start and sleep modes.
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Johnson Controls
Johnson Controls has expanded its line of York® Affinity™ air conditioners with the addition of a new 16 SEER unit.

This latest update to the York Affinity Series residential product line meets the efficiency requirements to qualify for a 2011 federal tax credit and features a control board that is compatible with the York Affinity Communication Control. This new control communicates with all key components in a home comfort system, providing total system integration that ensures maximum system efficiency and homeowner comfort while equipping contractors with a reliable, distinctive took to increase profits and build their business.
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The Lennox XC21 has efficiency ratings of up to 21.00 SEER. It features the SunSource® Solar-ready option which allows users to add solar modules and create a solar powered system that generates electricity for the air conditioner, reducing energy consumption and utility costs, company sources say. The icomfort™-enabled technology—allows the air conditioner, when installed with the programmable icomfort touchscreen thermostat, to exchange information and make adjustments as needed to optimize performance and efficiency.
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LG Electronics introduces the new Art Cool Mirror single split line features a slim rectangular wall-mounted interior evaporator with a one-way airflow system. The duct-free ART Cool Mirror Single Split is enhanced for easier installation; this includes installation support clips that allow for 25 degrees of separation from the wall without detaching the unit. A detachable bottom cover makes installation possible without having to dissemble or support the unit, this also allows for easier access to the unit’s electrical wiring.
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Rated at up to 24.5 SEER, the Maytag iQ Drive (model PSA4BI) is 88% more efficient than standard air conditioning systems, company sources say. The Maytag iQ Drive air conditioner uses inverter technology to achieve high efficiency levels. The unit can modulate anywhere from 40 to 118% of capacity, instantly adjusting to exactly offset the demands on the home. While traditional air conditioners cycle on and off, the Maytag iQ Drive runs almost constantly at a low level.
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The NuTone iQ Drive® air conditioner (model FS4BI) is rated at up to 24.5 SEER and as low as 59 decibels. The NuTone iQ Drive utilizes inverter technology to modulate from 40 to 118% of capacity.

The air conditioner is compatible with iQ Zone™ zoning and iQ Drive Ready furnaces.
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Rated at up to 24.5 SEER, the Tappan iQ Drive® air conditioner uses inverter-driven rotary technology. The unit can modulate anywhere from 40 to 118% of capacity, instantly adjusting to offset the cooling demands on the home. The Tappan iQ Drive air conditioner can also be zoned with the iQ Zone™ system.
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Trane introduces the XL20i. The XL20i’s SEER rating of up to 20 and it has two compressors: one for milder weather and a second larger compressor for those extremely hot days. The Trane XL20i features ComfortLink II communicating technology (available when matched with communicating indoor units), which connects all key components so the system automatically charges, configures and calibrates for optimal performance and efficiency through the lifetime of the product.
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The Westinghouse iQ Drive® air conditioner uses inverter-driven rotary technology to achieve up to 24.5 SEER. The unit can modulate anywhere from 40 to 118 % of capacity, instantly adjusting to offset the cooling demands on the home. The Westinghouse iQ Drive air conditioner can also be zoned with the iQ Zone™ system.
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