Big News for Uponor Webinars

April 2, 2009
Webinars are free to industry professionals interested in radiant heating and cooling

Uponor — Apple Valley, MN and Mississauga, Ontario, has released its 2009 radiant webinar schedule.
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The webinars are hosted by Robert Bean — a registered engineering technologist in construction engineering technology and an expert in radiant heating and cooling.
Webinars are provided at no charge to industry professionals interested in developing their education and careers in the radiant heating and cooling market.
The hour-long, online sessions are offered twice daily at 12 p.m. or 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST). Questions regarding the webinars or registration can be directed to Jodi Staub, Uponor training and technical products specialist, at [email protected] or 800.321.4739, ext. 5333.
Bean, a distinguished lecturer for ASHRAE, and an avid student of industrial design and indoor environmental ergonomics, manages

Webinar subjects will include:

Thermal Comfort addresses the basics of human physiology as it relates to thermal sensations and their relationship to health, safety and wellness.
Radiant Heating and Cooling discusses how radiant-based heating and cooling systems influence health, wellness and safety in the context of industry codes and standards. Topics include radiant heating and cooling terminology; types of radiant surfaces and sub-assemblies; and basic mechanical equipment and thermal design criteria for radiant-conditioned spaces.
Snow and Ice Melting covers common snow and ice melting applications — walks, ramps, drives, helipads, stairs — and how to evaluate and meet client needs and performance expectations in these areas. The course will also address the required design criteria for evaluating thermal-melting loads.
Frost Prevention focuses on creating safe conditions for facility users and onsite employees by preventing structural damages, which can result from frost heaving in sports facilities or in cold-storage buildings.
The Human Factor in HVAC reviews influencers affecting wide-scale adaptation of indoor environmental quality into the built environment.
Radiant-based HVAC Systems covers the basics of incorporating radiant into the design of buildings and HVAC systems.
Snow Melt covers design principles based on the four C’s (client, control, construction and calculation).

The 2009 webinar schedule includes the following dates:
April 13 Radiant Heating and Cooling
April 20 The Human Factor in HVAC
May 11 Thermal Comfort
May 18 Radiant-based HVAC Systems
June 8 Frost Prevention
June 15 Snow and Ice Melting
July 13 Snow Melt
July 20 The Human Factor in HVAC
Aug. 10 Radiant Heating and Cooling
Aug. 17 Radiant-based HVAC Systems
Sept. 14 Thermal Comfort
Sept. 21 Snow and Ice Melting
Oct. 12 Frost Prevention
Oct. 19 The Human Factor in HVAC
Nov. 9 Snow Melt
Nov. 16 Radiant-based HVAC Systems
Dec. 7 Radiant Heating and Cooling
Dec. 14 Snow and Ice Melting