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May 1, 2009
Greenheck Offers Revit Content Greenheck now offers Autodesk Revit 3D content for many of its ventilation products. The Revit content includes intuitive

Greenheck Offers Revit® Content

Greenheck now offers Autodesk® Revit® 3D content for many of its ventilation products. The Revit® content includes intuitive Building Information Modeling (BIM) components and systems that are fully designed and documented with 3D full-scale models of Greenheck products in a complete range of sizes. Each Revit® family file also includes a text file containing the external type catalog with the product and parametric data needed to select and display the configured fan, matching the corresponding Greenheck Computer Aided Product Selection(CAPS) for any application. Files can be used with Revit® 2009 Architecture, Structure or MEP programs.
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Desert Aire Releases New Equipment Selection Tools on Website

Desert Aire has released two new tools on their website that are designed to help engineers, architects and contractors determine the proper Desert Aire unit for their pool and 100% outdoor air applications.

These new tools can be found on Desert Aire's website under the “Equipment Selection” button found at the very top, right side of the home page and include two online forms; one for pools and one for outdoor air projects.

Each form collects data specific to each type of application. The online form for pool projects requests basic information including pool size, weather data, pool water temperature and system requirements. Likewise, those inquiring about equipment for outdoor air projects are also asked to furnish weather data and unit requirements, but must also provide information such as return and supply dewpoints and temperatures as well as the need for energy recovery.
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DeWalt Launches New Line of Lithium Ion Drills

DeWalt has launched a new line of heavy-duty XRP hammerdrill/drill/drivers and a new XRP lithium ion drill. The drills are designed from the ground up with significant performance, durability, run time, and ergonomic enhancements. The XRP line includes three 18V models (DCD950KX, DCD950VX and DCD940KX), three 14.4V models (DCD930KX, DC930VX and DCD920KX) and a 12V model (DCD910KX). Additionally, the new line includes an XRP lithium ion 18V hammerdrill/drill/driver (DCD970KL) with a nano-phosphate lithium ion battery that's backwards compatible with more than 40 tools in the DeWalt 18V system.

Each hammerdrill/drill/driver has a patented, three-speed transmission that matches each speed to the appropriate application. Additionally, the new drills now have a two-collar design that enables users to quickly transition among drilling, screwdriving, and hammer drilling modes without changing the clutch setting.
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New Pipe-clamp K-type Thermocouples Deliver Superior Accuracy and Durability

Fieldpiece Instruments introduces the ATC1 and ATC1R pipe-clamp thermocouples.

The new design gives field service technicians hands-free pipe temperature measurement on a wider range of pipe sizes. The clamps stabilize in under 30 seconds and plug into any K-type thermocouple jack. The self-indexing jaws automatically force the pipe into position for maximum thermal contact. The snub-nose grabs pipes that are close to a wall.
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Tranquility by ClimateMaster Offers Efficient Solution

The ClimateMaster Tranquility 27 offers 27EER to 31EER, making it one of the highest efficiency water-source heat pumps, sources say. Some advantages of the Tranquility 27 is that it adjusts to changing weather conditions by using advanced two-stage compressors and variable speed air delivery system. It features a system performance monitor that sends an automatic alert if the system isn't running at peak performance.

According to company sources, all Tranquility air coils are specifically treated for longevity.
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Taco Offers A Solar Mixing System In Its New Solar X-Pump Block

Taco has extended its all-in-one X-Pump Block product line to include a product specific for solar thermal applications.

The Taco Solar X-Pump Block® (SXPB) combines a variable speed solar differential control, collector circulator, storage tank circulator and heat exchanger into a single unit. Its stainless steel, brazed plate counterflow style heat exchanger provides complete system isolation between the heat creation source side of the system (solar collector) and the heat sink side (storage tank).

The versatile SXPB can be set up to maintain a setpoint differential between the solar collector and one or two storage tanks; it can support a booster pump as part of a drainback system, and features an intelligent heat dump option and freeze protection for open systems. With the addition of an optional sensor the energy collected by the solar collector can be displayed on the SXPB's large LCD.
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Johnson Controls Offers the New System 450 Series

Johnson Controls, Inc. is now offering the System 450 Series of microprocessor-based modular controls. As a new product within the Johnson Controls/PENN brand, the System 450 Series provides digital control for a variety of HVACR and industrial controls applications.

With nine model variations - each designed to be multi-purpose, adaptable and field configurable - the System 450 Series can monitor and control temperature, pressure, and humidity simultaneously. The enhanced design creates a versatile and durable custom control system that allows the user to monitor and control multiple control loops.

Designed to replace the System 350 and System 27 Series control systems, the new System 450 Series is easy to use, flexible, and can handle hundreds of custom applications. These applications include heating and/or cooling control, boiler temperature reset, fan control, floating pressure of an actuator and humidification/dehumidification control.
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The Agent 1: RLD15 refrigerant detector is designed and certified to detect refrigerants. Equipped with a heated sensor to increase accuracy and reduce false alarms, the Agent 1 displays approximate leak sizes with the digital leak size indicator to help pin-point leak sources. The true mechanical pump draws gas over the sensor faster, providing a quick response in a variety of contaminated or windy environments.
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Hartell Introduces New Series of Water Pumps

Hartell Milton Roy offers the MD series of water circulation pumps. Available for use for solar heating or cooling, these 12 volt circulating pumps can easily integrate into a 12 volt design, sources say. The specially designed motor can operate between 6 and 16 volts, compensating for swings in available electricity as a result of limitations in available green power sources. Volume capacities can exceed 6 GPM depending on model selected and material of construction.
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Lennox® Introduces R-410A Whole-Home Dehumidifiers

The Healthy Climate whole-home dehumidifiers are available in two sizes - 90 and 135 pints per day (PPD)- and both models use R-410A refrigerant. These units can provide whole-home, single-zone, or convertible applications that dehumidify both the whole home and a single zone with only one unit. Both models run independent of the outdoor unit and require no additional controls (an optional wall control is available). Optional outdoor air ventilation capabilities are also available.

Healthy Climate whole-home dehumidifiers offer a 5-year limited warranty on covered components.
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Coleman® Introduces 14.5 SEER Heat Pump

Coleman® introduces a new 14.5 SEER heat pump to the Coleman LX and Comforteer Series of mid-efficiency air conditioners and heat pumps. Available in 1.5- to 5-ton capacities, the heat pump features a heating season performance factor (HSPF) up to 9.0 and is Energy Star® qualified.

The unit's upflow air flow pattern, sound-isolated motor, rigid top panel and cushioned compressor mounts work together to dampen vibrations and ensure quiet operation, sources say.

The heat pump includes an accumulator that regulates the differing refrigeration needs of heating and cooling cycles, and a reversing valve regulates the change from cooling to heating. Coated aluminum fins with copper tube coils provide durability and efficient operation, while high-pressure and low-pressure relief valves and a solid core filter drier extend the life of the compressor.
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Metal-Fab Offers New Products Brochure

The damper products brochure is a complete listing and description of Metal-Fab, Inc.'s line of fire dampers and ceiling radiation dampers. The brochure also includes configure-to-order (CTO) options and a step-by-step process to complete orders. Also included are complete product descriptions, features, benefits, photographs and illustrations, and UL Listing and specifications. The brochure is available for free upon request.
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New Crouzet Linear Motor Series Features Modulated Gas Control

Crouzet North America, has introduced the linear motor series to the North American market. The new motor series features proportional control of gas flow rather than straight on/off control. Typical applications include gas heaters, gas fireplaces, and other equipment that uses gas valve control.

The new device is packaged as an integrated assembly complete with motor, valve, and safety function (stepper models). The linear stepper motor allows replacement of two electromagnets per channel, and only requires one channel to control the global range of flow (0.6m3/h to 6 m3/h). The stepper motor configuration also features a rapid response, dual safety system that combines the regulation and fail-safe function into one. This allows the motor to switch off the valve and stop the gas flow in less than 10 ms. The safety function also allows the valve to spring back to close if power is lost. Other characteristics of the new series include low noise, customization to specific application requirements, and certification to EN161 safety standards.
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Logo program available for new Totaline® thermostat lineup

In conjunction with the launch of their new thermostat lineup, Totaline announces a new and improved logo program as well. The program will feature a new website and additional options, and will apply to all 15 new Totaline thermostat models.

Company sources say that the new program will enable customers to personalize the entire new thermostat lineup to include their business logo and text.

After the design is approved, customers will be able to go online to the new website and apply their logo to their thermostat of choice. The system will provide the customer with a part number, which they can then take to their sales center for ordering. As a new program feature, the logo will remain on file for future ordering purposes.

Additionally, with the new program customers have lower cost options. Grey text only on the thermostats will be offered for free, and grey logos will be available at a low cost.
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Braeburn® Premier Model 3300 Light Commercial and Residential Thermostat

Braeburn has introduced the Model 3300 non-programmable auto changeover thermostat. This new non-programmable auto changeover thermostat has more features than our other popular 3000 Series models. The new 3300 offers flexible installation modes that make quick installation a snap. Some features of the thermostat include:

  • Menu-driven operational test mode - Tests all system output stages including cooling, heating, emergency heat and fan operation.

  • Menu-driven installer and user setup modes - simplifies programming steps by automatically removing unnecessary menu options.

  • Dual powered - choose from hardwired or battery operation to meet specific application requirements.

  • Multi-level keypad lockout - prevents accidental or undesired temperature or settings adjustment, featuring two levels of security to satisfy residential or commercial applications.
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Vacuum Lifter Handles Small Off-Center Loads

The new Anver VM-Series counterbalanced Vacuum Lifter is a below-the-hook unit, fully integrated with a hoist, that features offset construction and is counterbalanced for use with off-center loads. Custom designed to match user requirements, this ergonomic lifter provides fast attach-and-release, grips the load from the side, and rotates a full 360 degrees for optimum mobility.

Ideally suited for handling loads up to 550 lbs., the Anver VM-Series counterbalanced vacuum lifter has a two-speed chain hoist and all controls are on the handle for operator convenience. This compact, quiet running vacuum lifter-hoist only requires 29-in. of headroom, produces 27-in. Hg vacuum holding power, and incorporates overload and power loss protection.
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Streamlight Introduces Enduro® LED Headlamp with Visor Clip

Streamlight®, Inc. has introduced the Enduro® LED headlamp, allowing contractors the versatility of hands-free operation in low-light conditions. The white LED model provides up to 850 candela peak beam intensity in high-level mode and 14.5 lumens measured system output and six lumens measured system output in low mode. Powered with a 0.5-watt high-flux LED with a 30,000-hour lifespan, the light runs up to 12 continuous hours in low mode and up to six continuous hours in high mode.

The green LED version provides 162 candela peak beam intensity and 8 lumens measured system output in high mode and 4 lumens measured system output in low mode. It is powered by a Nichia Ultra-Bright Green LED that runs up to 120 continuous hours in the low mode and up to nine continuous hours in the high mode.

The Enduro LED, which weighs 2.75 ounces, is waterproof to one meter for one hour and is constructed with an impact-resistant, drop-tested housing. Each comes with an integrated rubber/elastic combination head strap and two AAA alkaline batteries, as well as Streamlight's limited lifetime warranty.
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