HARDI Calls on Obama to Start Over on Health Care

March 2, 2010
Message was delivered prior to latest health care 'summit'

Heating, Airconditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) — based in Columbus, OH— joined 247 other organizations as part of the "StartOver! Coalition" in urging President Obama to scrap the current healthcare reform proposals passed last year by the House and Senate. The groups urged President Obama to use the latest health care "summit" on February 25 as an opportunity to forge a truly bi-partisan healthcare reform. What's needed are significant reductions in health insurance costs for employers and employees and increased accessibility to affordable health insurance.

HARDI Congressional Fly-In, May 18-19.
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The Coalition listed seven basic strategies that will immediately reduce health insurance costs and widen availability.

“We strongly urge you to avoid the punitive approach taken by the House and Senate-passed bills, and instead focus on a fresh approach that places top priority on immediately reducing the cost of care and coverage for all,” the statement read.

HARDI will continue to advance cost-reducing strategies such as the pooling of health insurance purchasing power and medical malpractice reform during its 2010 Congressional Fly-In May 18-19 in an effort to help its distributors continue to provide strong group health insurance programs for employees at reasonable costs.

For details about HARDI’s Congressional Fly-In, visit hardinet.org/events.