USGBC Founder Gottfried LaunchesU.S. Regenerative Network

May 14, 2010
Private Network Unites leading green building product manufacturers and service providers and brings them to the marketplace.

The U.S. Regenerative Network, led by green building pioneer David Gottfried, held its inaugural forum in Berkeley on April 28th-29th, with senior representatives from nineteen founding member companies, industry experts, and sixty real estate design, construction and ownership affiliates.

Gottfried—founder of the U.S. Green Building Council (owner of the LEED® green building rating system) and World Green Building Council—created the U.S. Regenerative Network to develop a highly dynamic collaborative business consortium of leading green building product manufactures and service providers, including both established global companies and venture-backed startups.

The Network has two goals: first, to help members measure, goal-set and improve in their organizational sustainability; another goal is to bring members to the green building marketplace of design professional and buyers.

The Network has two goals: helping members measure, goal-set and improve in their organizational sustainability, and bringing members to the green building marketplace of design professional and buyers. The Network’s inaugural biannual forum brought founding members together with leading real estate portfolio owners and architecture, engineering, and construction professionals to share best practices and discuss cutting-edge green products and services that can advance building performance. “The collaborative model will be the key to success in the 21st century, and will enable us to be here in the 22nd,” says Gottfried, who serves as the Network’s founder and CEO.

The Network is his fifth organizational startup, following his success with the U.S. and World Green Building Council. “The Network’s launch was fantastic and we were honored to be invited as a founding member,” says Jim Allen, CEO of Sloan Valve Company. “The group and Gottfried’s ability to drive hard will really push us to expand our industry leadership.” “The Forum was a total success,” says Erich Klawuhn, vice president of business development for Soladigm, a founding member Cleantech firm producing electro-chromatic windows and funded by Vinod Khosla.

“I refer to it as the most efficient networking event I have participated in.” says John Bradford, chief innovations officer for Interface, Inc.—the world’s largest carpet tile company. “In a world where industry movements tend to standardize the common practices of all participants, the Network is a group of companies that seeks the highest pinnacle of performance.”