New Brand Identity Revealed for MacroAir

March 5, 2012
High volume low speed technology gently circulates air, to create a more comforting environment, sources say.

Sources from MacroAir, San Bernardino, CA, say the company is transforming its brand identity to showcase its solution-oriented High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) technologies that lead clients to more efficient HVAC operations and savings.

MacroAir, manufacturer of commercial ceiling fans in sizes up to 24 feet in diameter, has revamped its company messaging platform and voice, logo, and branding elements to highlight its expertise of the precision movement of air. Elements of MacroAir’s new brand identity, including a new video demonstration, can be seen at

“We truly believe we are the ‘Engineers of Air’ with our origination of the industry category and constant innovation,” says Eddie Boyd, president of MacroAir. “Now's the time to increase our communication of the superiority of our product design and engineering philosophies to the marketplace," Boyd says, and he promises a stronger commitment.

Company innovations, including patented 6ixBlade technology, which showcases MacroAir’s commitment to scientific advancement and evolving product efficiency. While most other HVLS fans have 10 blades, MacroAir engineers reduced its fan blades to six in 2010, creating the 6ixBlade technology that uses a NASA-engineered wing design and advanced blade-angle pattern to move the same amount of air with 40 percent less power. MacroAir fans are proven to reduce room temperature by 10 degrees and lower heating and cooling cost by as much as 20%.

MacroAir claims to have originated the HVLS industry category in 1998, MacroAir fans use high volume and low speed to gently circulate air and create a more comforting environment. For more than a decade, the company has placed an emphasis on innovation and engineering superiority to create a business culture cultivating industry advancement, efficiency and reliability throughout all its products and design features.

MacroAir reports it is committed to customer service and satisfaction, and offers a 12-year warranty on all products. For more information on the extensive line of MacroAir’s HVLS fans and applications, and announcements on new product lines throughout 2012, visit