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Year-Round Condensor Protection

Aug. 1, 2007
img src="/images/archive/70498smartprods_00000046097.jpg" width="200" height="161" border="0" align="right"KOOL KAP condensor covers use a unique design
KOOL KAP condensor covers use a unique design that tilts the cover up automatically whenever the condensor fan operates. Gravity gentlydrops the Kap down to its horizontal position once the system turns off. Theinterior cabinet and componnents are protected from dirt, leaves, debris, and weather. This patented design forevereliminates the need to cover and uncover condensors for season protection. KOOL KAP condensor covers come in three sizes, which permit a proper fit on virtually any make or model of air conditioner. Visit or call 800/878-6614. — KOOL KAP